You Need To Listen To These '90s Songs Again

Although the '90s are almost two decades behind us (I know, it's so hard to believe!), the greatness of the era lives on. This was the decade that gave us Clarissa Explains It All , Titanic , and, of course, Beanie Babies. Yes, the '90s were a magical time, made only more magical by the soundtrack shrouding it. Of course, we all know '90s hits like ".... Baby, One More Time," but what about the songs that didn't live on in such infamy?

One signature of the '90s was that radio-ready singers and bands popped up seemingly overnight. Armed with catchy singles (remember when those could only be obtained by CD?), their names may have been cheesy, but their songs still hold a special place in my heart. Not everyone could have a career like that of Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys, but that didn't stop a lot of artists from trying. And while the longevity of their careers didn't pan out, we can still treasure the pop culture contributions they gave us.

Whip out your scrunchies, fire up your boombox, and let's bask in the glory of the '90s. Here are 19 songs you forgot about — that deserve another listen.

1. "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)" — 5ive

Who can forget this insanely catchy jam? Certainly not me.

2. "I Can't Help Myself" — Nobody's Angel

Featured in the climactic scene of the Disney Channel Original Movie Model Behavior, this track is gloriously '90s.

3. "Summer Girls" — LFO

Is there a more '90s lyric than "I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch"? Probs not.

4. "Back Here" — BBMak

I still swoon a little every time I hear this.

5. "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" — Eiffel 65

We might not have known all of the words to this song, but darn it if it wasn't so infectious.

6. "When the Lights Go Out" — 5ive

This suggestive song was so many people's jam in the '90s.

7. "I'll Be Your Everything" — Youngstown

Ugh, cue the middle school slow dance memories.

8. "C'est La Vie" — B*Witched

Not only did we learn a handy French phrase, but this charming song introduced us to one of our fave girl groups of the era.

9. "Never Ever" — All Saints

This slow jam still stands the text of time.

10. "Swear It Again" — Westlife

I'm never gonna say goodbye to this heart-wrenching ballad.

11. "I Knew I Loved You" — Savage Garden

As a tween, I definitely sobbed tears purely derived from being overwhelmed by the beauty of this song. Ah, adolescence.

12. "Dancing Queen" — A-Teens

The quartet introduced a whole new generation to ABBA — and managed to make "Dancing Queen" sound fresh in the process.

13. "Bailamos" — Enrique Iglesias

Raise your hand if this was the club-ready anthem you never know your tween life was missing.

14. "Candy" — Mandy Moore

Before Mandy Moore broke our hearts in A Walk to Remember and experimented with a folk-influenced sound, she dropped this sugary-sweet single.

15. "Crush" — Jennifer Page

One of the '90s best anthem for keeping it casual.

16. "Two in a Million" — S Club 7

S Club 7 knew how to drop a power ballad, and this jam is no exception.

17. "Wild Wild West" — Will Smith

The late '90s were peak Will Smith. He owned the box office and the radio waves — and gave us this gem.

18. "Waiting For Tonight" — Jennifer Lopez

Speaking of double threats, as Jennifer Lopez's movie career was rising, so was her music career. "Waiting for Tonight" is appropriately a celebratory anthem and to this day remains one of her best.

19. "She's All I Ever Had" — Ricky Martin

Martin is known for "Livin' La Vida Loca," but this ballad hit every in the feels.

Can we please go back to the '90s?