6 Things To Put On Your Sex Bucket List, According To Experts


We all have those feel-good (oh so good!) moves that get the job done. Likely, it's taken months (if not years) of practice to figure out what sex positions are best for you. While it's great to have old standards that you swear by, the best part of a healthy, evolving sex life is that you introduce new — sometimes unordinary — things into your bedroom routine. Regardless of whether you're in a relationship or you're single, when it comes to upping the ante of your orgasms, there's no better place to go than outside the box. We've talked to some experts who have not only researched, studied, and written about all things sex, but also have a few ideas for those looking to create a must-try sexual bucket list.

Before you dive into these stimulating suggestions from the best in the business, follow some simple rules. Though you already know how important consent is, make sure you and your partner are both cool with whatever you want to try beforehand. Never do anything that makes you or your partner feel uncomfortable (everyone has lines, don't cross 'em if it's not your thing). Once you've discussed this, here are your challenges.

1. Erotic Power Exchange, aka BDSM

2. Being Tied Up — And Really Letting Go

3. Have A G-Spot Orgasm

4. Go To A Sex Club (Even If You Just Watch)

5. Maintain Eye Contact ... The Whole Time

6. Spontaneous Sex In The Moment ... Without Thinking

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