Is A Nicki Minaj & Fifth Harmony Collaboration In The Works? They'd Be The Perfect Match

Everyday is payday for the women of Fifth Harmony, because they're the epitome of BO$$. This year has been huge for them — and fresh off of the release of their latest single "I'm In Love With A Monster" (From Hotel Transylvania 2), they have already started working on their next album. Fifth Harmony's next full-length LP is set to release in early 2016, and it looks like the band have already begun to record new tracks and set up new collaborations: According to member Dinah-Jane Hansen in an interview with SPIN, Nicki Minaj is on Fifth Harmony's list of potential collaborators — which she definitely should be, because she is totally the perfect match for the band's next album. "For one of the Max Martin songs we finished, we could totally hear her on this one part," Hansen said of Minaj.

After placing third on The X Factor USA back in 2013, the female powerhouse that is Fifth Harmony has been putting in work to get to where they are now. Their first EP, Better Together, was sugary sweet, and they did a complete 180 degree turn with the release of their first full-length album Reflection in early 2015. They had immense success with their singles "BO$$," "Sledgehammer," and, their biggest hit, "Worth It" (which featured rapper Kid Ink). Fifth Harmony's new, fierce, sassy, and empowering sound has distinguished them as a force to be reckoned with, and they are easily the biggest girl group around at the moment. What would be better than pairing them with the biggest female rapper around, Minaj?

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With all of their recent success, it's no surprise that the Fifth Harmony ladies are ready to expand their professional entourage. In her SPINinterview, Hansen spilled deets on possible hip-hop collaborators for their 2016 release, listing artists like J. Cole, Big Sean, Travi$ Scott — but Minaj was her most important mention, because HOW FIERCE WOULD THAT BE? The "Anaconda" singer is totally the perfect match for Fifth Harmony, and I have no doubts that their collab would be out of this world. Don't believe me yet? Here are all the reasons why Minaj and 5H needs to happen:

1. Nicki Minaj's Attitude Is Next Level


Minaj eats, breathes, and sleeps sass. She is never afraid to hold anything back, and it shows in her music. Fifth Harmony stepped up their sass and attitude with Reflection, and like Hansen said in her SPIN interview, this next album will have their most "mature" tracks yet. Minaj can definitely help them in this department!

2. They Can Get "Real" Together


Miley, what's good ? No one tells it like it is like Minaj — and Fifth Harmony is ready to get real too. While dishing to SPIN , Hansen said: "We’re writing [about] our own experiences about love and everything, stuff that’s actually what’s going on right now. We’re all 18, 19, 22, so a lot is going on in our lives." Give it to us straight, ladies!

3. Minaj Can Help Them In Their Quest To Evolve Their Sound

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Growth is essential in the music industry. Since fanbases like those of Fifth Harmony consist of young adults who are growing at a similar pace to the group themselves, it is crucial that their music grows with them. Collborating with someone like "The Night is Still Young" singer is the best way for them to show that they are growing up, and that they are ready to expand their reach. It could help them tap even more into the R&B/hip-hop market.

4. They Can Tap Into Their Cultural Roots

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The beautiful women of Fifth Harmony are very diverse, and they are ready to pay homage to their distinct cultures through song. In the SPIN interview, Hansen opened up about their goals, saying "this lane we’re going with is kind of reggae-rhythmic and kind of urban. It finally includes our ethnicity — I’m Polynesian, we have a black girl, we’ve got Hispanics. We kind of got that island in us, that little flavor in there. We love including that because that’s what we are.”

5. Anything Nicki Minaj Touches Turns To Gold


Kim Kardashian West is not the only woman who knows how to break the Internet: Minaj broke the Internet and TV screens with her past mega hits like "Super Bass" and "Anaconda." If these six women were to come together, it would easily become their next big hit.

6. Two Words: Girl Power


Nicki Minaj might not roll with a squad like Taylor Swift's, but she does have close friendships with women like Beyoncé who, together, make an effort to show that women do in fact run the world. With songs like "Brave Honest Beautiful" featuring Meghan Trainor, Fifth Harmony have definitely shown that they agree.

Honestly, writing this article only made me want this collaboration to happen even more. All of these points are facing the right direction — Minaj absolutely has to join Fifth Harmony on their second studio album.

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