OMFG This 'Mean Girls' Jewelry Line is SO FETCH

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I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Mean Girls — the iconic Tina Fey film starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams — turns 10 years old this year, so any auspices you had about being young still might as well be thrown in the toilet. No matter, though: that won't stop us from being totally obsessed and living our lives like we're Karen Smith. But the good news is that the film has inspired more than just ire at our fleeting days of youth: namely, a jewelry line from adorable design duo Stella and Bow. The LA-based bauble-makers love the film just as much as we all do and have crafted an entire collection in honor of the comedic masterpiece. And there ain't nothin' Plastics about this: except that we're sure every single best bitch you have will be clamoring for these totally fetch pieces. Be still our pop culture hearts!

Image: Paramount Pictures

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