Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Post Halloween Throwbacks That Are Too Cute — PHOTOS

Cute kid's costumes are seriously the best, aren’t they? Kim and Kourtney Kardashian posted Halloween throwback pics of themselves wearing costumes as childreen, and they are super adorable. You can see where they’ve drawn inspiration from with their current day getups and how they’re helping their kids to continue the Halloween tradition. Apparently, kostumes are the Kardashians’ thing.

From clowns to ballerinas, these sisters clearly had some fun when it came to dressing up. They couldn’t have been cuter in their tiny little leotards and pig tails, and I love that they’re sharing this with not only their families, but with the rest of us, too. They clearly passed on their love for tutus and crowns to their children. That would definitely explain North and Penelope’s most recent ensembles. Kourtney even recreated a super hero look from her past already this year, and I must say — even all grown-up, she’s one kick-butt heroine.

See some of the photos from the past that the sisters have been posing, along with some of their children’s looks, because they’re keeping up the Halloween spirit even to this day. And be on the lookout for what they’re going to be now that it’s actually Oct. 31, because the dress-up fun has only just begun.

Here's little Kourt as a super hero with her little pumpkin sister by her side.

She still looks amazing in her "ready to save the world" garb.

It's good to know that they recycled costumes, too.

The ballerina love is still going strong in this family.

Dressing as princesses was totally a thing.

And it still is.

Every kid loves having their face painted, right?


The Kardashians heart Halloween, and I'm so glad that they do. Makes for one cute Halloween!

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