Kim K's Halloween Costume Was (Sorta) Unexpected

You know that moment before a big Halloween party when you're standing in front of your closet with nothing to wear? Well, Kim Kardashian's 2015 Halloween costume proved that celebrities sometimes tap into their old outfits as inspiration, too. While Kardashian probably has an array of amazing costumes at her disposal, she decided to go the tongue-in-cheek route this year by seemingly poking fun both at herself and what the media has to say about her. Instead of going as a vampire or sexy cat, she decided to don her infamous Riccardo Tisci floral gown from 2013's Met Gala that she wore while pregnant with North West. That's right: Kim K dressed up as herself for All Hallow's Eve.

IMO, it's actually kind of amazing. This isn't about narcissism: Kardashian is sticking her tongue out at all her haters by bringing the turtleneck dress that got her so much flak in 2013 back out. According to US Weekly, Tisci's vision while designing the Met Gala dress for Kim K was something beautiful, not controversial. "His vision for her was a romantic Spanish theme with touches of boldness and punk.” Unfortunately, the media didn't quite see it that way, instead likening the dress to your grandma's couch, among other things.

It fills me with joy that Kardashian decided to prove that she has an awesome sense of humor, feeling pretty confident that she "nailed the Kim K costume." I think that deserves a slow clap.

While this costume is super tongue and cheek, Kardashian pretty much brings her A-game every year when costumes are involved. Below are her best looks over the years. Hopefully they're all the motivation you need to start planning for 2016.

1. A Spooky Skeleton

With her hair slicked back and her face paint on fleek, Kim K rocked the spooky skeleton look perfectly.

2. Anna Wintour

Kardashian pulled off a convincing Anna Wintour with the signature bob and sunglasses, while little North West tied together the group costume by dressing as Contributing Editor André Leon Talley.

3. A Beautiful Mermaid

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sporting a sleek maxi dress and strings of pearls worthy of any underwater mermaid, Kardashian brought it when transforming into her version of Ariel.

4. Little Red Riding Hood

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taking a sexy spin on the classic children's story, Kim K looked adorable with a cropped cape and frilly mini.

If you ask me, her ironic take on the Kim K costume definitely takes the crown.