The 21 Most Memorable Met Gala Gowns of the Last 10 Years (Eat Your Heart Out, Oscars)

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Forget the Oscars. When it comes to fashion’s biggest night of the year, everyone knows the annual Met Gala holds the crown. And for good reason: For more than four decades, the Costume Institute Gala has played host to some of the most glamorous, outrageous, and truly unbelievable gowns that have ever been worn on the red carpet by the most famous names and faces to grace Hollywood’s A-list crowd. Though the gala boasts a long list of show-stopping ensembles every year, there are a few gowns that stand out above the rest for good, bad, and downright interesting reasons. So in celebration of the 2014 Met Gala, which takes place Monday, May 5, let’s count down 20 of the most memorable Gala gowns of the last 10 years.

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