Get Ready For A New Bieber Song

by Tobi Gbile

Justin Bieber never ceases to try and surprise his fans. As the anticipated release of his comeback album, Purpose , nears, the "Sorry" singer has been doing everything he can in order to come out on top and ensure a comeback,. A little over a week has passed since he dropped the dance video for his current single, and on Sunday, Bieber teased a new song, through a short video clip posted on his Instagram.

I was both shocked and excited when I scrolled through my feed this morning, and in the midst of celeb Halloween costume posts, I came across a dreamlike clip of Bieber. In the video, the singer is featured doing super rad, adventurous things like cliff-jumping and skateboarding on top of high surfaces. It appears to be a high-quality clip from a music video, showing off all of the cool things Bieber can do, and it's appropriately titled "I'll Show You." From the look and sound of it, the song has a familiar chill dance-y vibe that is similar to that of the star's previous singles, "What Do You Mean," "Where Are U Now," and "Sorry," ensuring that this new song will be another popular tune.

Given Bieber's tendency to keep his fans guessing, it should come as no surprise that the only information he included about the new song was the simple caption of "TODAY" alongside the clip. Today what, JB? Today as in you are releasing another song off of the album? Today as in you will be dropping both the song and the video today? Most importantly, when? Will be ready? Are we ever?

My prediction, based off of the looks of things, is that Bieber is going to drop the clip as a lyric/concept type video of some sort, similar to that of "What Do You Mean." Since he just released his second single, "Sorry," I don't think it's smart to assume that "I'll Show You" is also a single. Typically, those would come with elaborate videos, and I'm expecting the video for "I'll Show You" to be more laid back and simple, just a way for Bieber to get people pumped about another song off of the album.

Still, who knows? Bieber, please pull us out of the guessing game and give us the video, or the song, or both. At least fans can rest assured that we will be likely getting these answers today. In the meantime, enjoy looping that Instagram vid.