11 Dance Moves From Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Music Video That Should Be Added To Your Repertoire

We have an emergency on our hands. And not just any emergency, but a Bieber-gency. So go ahead and Bieb the alarm. Biebs and thank you. And nope, I'm not the least bit sorry for any of those cheeseball puns. While we're on the subject of sorry, how about that new J. Biebs song? (*Pumps fist triumphantly.* I totally obliterated that segue. *Curtseys triumphantly.*) Thursday, YouTube singer-turned-international pop superstar Justin Bieber dropped “Sorry" in the Internet's lap. The track, which was produced by Skrillex and Blood, will appear on Purpose, the pop star's to-be-released fourth album. The song did not show up to Cyberspace alone, however; the "Sorry (Dance Video)" music video also hit the web.

Here's an extremely astute, not painfully obvious observation about the Pariss Goebel-choreographed, Bieber-less clip: there is a lot of dancing going on. Like, the dancing never ends. I will sum up all of the sunglasses-clad hoofers' performances in just three words: Everyone. Kills. It.

Do you know who has two left feet and loves the art of dance? THIS GAL. Needless to say, this video has my number. And if I wasn't the uncoordinated mess that I am, I would definitely incorporate the following outstanding moves from the "Sorry (Dance Video)" video into my dance move repertoire:

The Snakebird

Is it a snake? Is it a bird? No, it's a snakebird!

The Catwoman Claw

Anyone who gets in your way on the dance floor is the fly in your ointment.

The Cat/Cow Walk

Cat/Cow is a great yoga move that warms up the spine. What happens when you add a crawl to that yoga move? A great dance move that warms up the spine, that's what.

The Get This Dog Hair Off Of Me

If executed properly, this move not only looks cool, but can be used in lieu of a lint roller.

The You're Outta Here

Like an umpire throwing a ball player out of a game.

The Rond De Jambe-ing Caterpillar

Aaaaaand now I can't stop picturing an actual caterpillar wearing tiny pointe shoes.

The Oh, What's That Up There?

Forget about the dance floor. The dance ceiling is where it's at. (Lionel Richie knows what's up.)

The Nope, Not Putting Up With Anyone's Garbage

Move along, bucko.

The Still Not Putting Up With Anyone's Garbage

Talk to the hand because the rest of the body is SO OVER IT.

The Chill Chicken Dance

Because sometimes, you just don't feel like flapping your wings, ya know?

The It's Too Late To Say Sorry

Sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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Images: JustinBieberVEVO/YouTube (11); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (11)