Neil Patrick Harris' Family Halloween Costume Is 'Star Wars' Heaven — PHOTO

Halloween has come and gone — but the Instagram photos of all the costumes will last forever. Naturally, like the rest of us, celebrities dressed up all weekend long and posted all about their crazy outfits. Most impressively, Neil Patrick Harris' family dressed like Star Wars characters for Halloween, and it's just one of many amazing group outfits the Harris-Burtka clan has donned over the years. In the photo Harris posted, he's dressed as Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, husband David Burtka is armed as Han Solo, and twins Harper and Gideon are dressed as on-screen twins Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. To add some Star Wars-esque landscape to it, the family posed for the photo on a big rock that totally fits the bill.

"A long time ago in a Halloween far, far away...." Harris captioned the photo, even though it was presumably taken on Saturday. It's such an awesome family costume, but I'm not too shocked; this fam has been rocking the costume game for years. Of course, NPH is always down for some holiday magic and just plain silliness — he does host NBC's wacky and fun variety show Best Time Ever, after all. It's great to see that his adorable family is also game for anything on Halloween, too. Just look at how awesome these Star Wars costumes are:

Check out more of NPH's family costumes over the years below.

The Wizard Of Oz

In 2012, the family donned costumes as Tin Man, Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy from the classic movie and musical. How perfect!

Peter Pan

Back when Harper and Gideon were babies in 2011, Harris and Burtka had the family dress up as the boy who never grew up, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and Mr. Smee.

Alice In Wonderland

In 2013, the family took a trip to Wonderland. NPH and Burtka dressed as Tweedledee and Tweedledum from the classic tale, while Harper played Alice, and Gideon donned white ears as the White Rabbit.

Frankenstein & Dracula

Because one set of costumes isn't enough for this family, they dressed up as Frankenstein (Harris), Dracula (Burtka), Bride of Frankenstein (Harper), and Wolfman (Gideon) in 2013.


Last year, NPH tweeted this photo of him dressed as the Riddler, Burtka as the Joker, Gideon as Batman, and Harper as Batgirl. How cute!

Queen Of The Mermaids & Captain Color Pants

Because this family has an infinite supply of costumes, Burtka tweeted this photo earlier this week, saying that these costumes were the kids' choices for their Halloween concert. Seems like Harper and Gideon are getting the hang of choosing epic costumes, just like their parents!