Donald Trump & John Oliver Are Kind Of Feuding, But It's Pretty One Sided, Of Course

The Donald may have a new target to attack. During an appearance on CBS' This Morning on Friday, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver had some choice words about the GOP presidential hopeful. Though his remarks came at the end of an interview about the success of his show, they've set off a firestorm between the real estate mogul and the comedian. Is Donald Trump feuding with John Oliver?

If anything, it appears that the feud is fairly one-sided, at least in spirit. Oliver's morning show appearance offered what may be the only statement henceforth from the comedian about Trump, as it seems he wants nothing more to do with him. Oliver said:

I don't really care about him [Trump] in any capacity. I haven't really got anything to say to him. He's said everything he wants to say. He has no internal monologue, that man, so it's not like you're going to find some secret nugget that he's been holding back. He's an open book and that book doesn't have many interesting words in it.

Trump, of course, responded by condemning Last Week Tonight and insinuating that he had been asked to appear on the show, only to decline. The candidate lashed out via Twitter, calling the show boring. He received a strong but humorous message from the Last Week Tonight Facebook page and Twitter, as well as a simple tweet from writer Josh Gondelman, who's been contributing to the show since it debuted in 2014.

It's clear that Oliver as well as the entire Last Week Tonight team cares very little about what Trump has to say, though they have previously called out the candidate for his statements in short segments on the show. It was after the first GOP debate and following Trump unleashing a barrage of sexist comments towards Megyn Kelly that Oliver first began to target the Donald on his show. Likewise, Trump's and Ben Carson's statements about the Oregon shooting made it into Last Week Tonight for their inanity as well.

The segments pale in comparison to Oliver's longer, more investigative pieces. Trump has maybe been discussed a total of five minutes on the show, if that. For this reason, the potential for a feud between the real estate mogul and Oliver is relatively slim. Already, the GOP presidential hopeful has began tackling new targets on Twitter. Since tweeting his alleged declining of an interview with the former Daily Show correspondent, Trump has since shifted his focus towards attacking fellow candidates like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich, whom Trump believes is "just wasting time and money" by continuing to campaign.