Rumple Pulled The Sword Out For Emma, And Now He's The Hero Storybrooke Needs On 'Once Upon A Time'

The sword is officially out of the stone. So now there's good news, and there's bad news for this. The good news is that only a hero could pull the sword out of the stone, so that means that Rumple is now a certified Storybrooke hero. The bad news is that Emma is still the Dark One and still completely set on destroying everything in her path until she gets what she wants. What she wants is still anyone's guess; she's not letting anyone in on that big Dark One secret yet. But now she's got one huge thing working against her, and it's that Rumple is a hero, and is determined to take the Dark One down. This is the Emma vs. Rumple showdown we've been waiting for.

After getting almost killed a few times during the episode, Rumple is now a hero. That was the whole point of his quest with Merida — and it's also the quest that almost got him killed by Merida. No worries, because he survived and then was able to pull Excalibur out of the stone. Now Emma's got both parts of the sword, the hilt and the dagger, and by putting them together she's going to become some powerful Dark One.

This most certainly means trouble for everyone. But, now everyone has got Rumple on their side. He tells Emma to her face that now he's the hero the town needs, and he's not going to back away from a fight with her. Are you ready to see a Dark One vs. Former Dark One battle? Because that's totally coming up. Rumple might not be as strong and powerful as he once was, but that doesn't mean he still can't take Emma down. Can you imagine what that will be like if its Rumple who is her ultimately undoing? There's definitely been a power shift in Storybrooke, but now thankfully there's one more hero on the light side.

Image: Ed Araquel/ABC