Did Alicia & Jason Hook Up On 'The Good Wife'? The Pair Is Growing Closer Than Ever

Fans everywhere thought the same thing when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast on The Good Wife as Jason Crouse: he has to hook up with Alicia. It's only fair! Poor Alicia has had so many false starts since her relationship with Will ended (RIP), and Jason seems like just the guy that can turn all that around. Ever since Alicia met the private investigator, the two have enjoyed flirty banter, and Sunday night's episode, "Payback," ended with Alicia inviting Jason inside for a drink. So, did Alicia and Jason hook up on The Good Wife ?

As with everything else on The Good Wife, the answer is ambiguous at best. While both Alicia and Jason exchanged flirty looks and teasing smiles throughout the episode, they didn't do more than that... at least, not on camera. And, the episode ended with Jason on Alicia's doorstep, with Alicia holding a large glass of wine asking him what he liked to drink. It was an invitation, but not a very explicit one, and the episode ended before we could hear Jason's response. But, I think it's safe to assume that, even if these two haven't done the deed, there are definitely drinks at a bar in their future.

"Payback" also taught us a lot about the new private investigator on the scene. He definitely wants to do the right thing — he went above and beyond (and possibly on the wrong side of the law) to get back money a scam artist stole from Alicia's client. And, he did it all with a smirk on his face. Well, at least we know he uses his dark side for good and not evil! I just hope that if a romance begins, Jason will treat Alicia well.

Images: CBS; exceptionalmoment/tumblr