Justin Bieber New Song Gets Real About Fame

We might be a little under two weeks shy of having Justin Bieber's album Purpose in our hands, but we've still got a lot of music to keep us company until then. On Monday morning, Bieber released "I'll Show You" on Spotify, one of the singles from the upcoming album, and it's one of his most real songs yet. Which is really saying something considering every single that Bieber has released so far has seemed downright devoted to opening up about various aspects and struggles that he's had in the time between Purpose and his last album. In "I'll Show You," Bieber takes on the burden of fame and talks about what life is really like in the limelight. We've heard these things from him before, and Bieber often cites the pressure of the spotlight as one of the many reasons he so often gets in trouble with the law, but hearing it in song form makes it all stronger somehow.

When you look at the lyrics of the song, it's almost difficult not to feel sorry for Bieber. And now there's a sentence I never thought I would write a year ago. However, check out the first verses of the song.

My life is a movieAnd everyone's watchingSo let's get to the good partAnd past all the nonsense

Sometimes it's hard to do the right thingWhen the pressure's coming down like lightningIt's like they want me to be perfectBut they don't even know that I'm hurting

I can definitely understand that. As a normal teenager, peer pressure and the pressure from your parents and teachers to succeed is hard enough. But imagine having all eyes on you at all times, everyone watching you to see you trip and fall, and twisting and misinterpreting everything that you say. In a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation, it's almost understandable why someone would lose their head and do something wrong just to have fun for while.

Brian Rasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This life's not easyI'm not made out of steelDon't forget that I'm humanDon't forget that I'm real

Act like you know meBut you never willBut there's one thing that I know for sure:I'll show you

Quite honestly, I'm not sure what it is that Bieber intends to show anyone in this portion of the song. Show them who he really is? Show that he knows better? Show that he's sorry? Or is he tying it to the bridge by showing them that he's human and that he's real? I can't say for sure, but I do like how genuine he sounds as "I'll show you" echoes over the somber beat. While the rest of the song gets somewhat repetitive from there, Bieber adds one more verse:

I gotta learn things, learn them the hard wayI gotta say what I feels like No matter what they say

Well, all right, then Bieber. I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Check out the song below.