There's A 'Harry Potter' Coloring Book For Adults

by Dasha Fayvinova

Like millions of people around the world who never got their Hogwarts acceptance owls, I tend to cling onto any Harry Potter-related news. That is why learning about a new Harry Potter coloring book made me so happy this morning! Pages upon pages of lines to fill in. This week just got a whole lot more interesting.

Coloring books for adults have really become a thing this past year, so it's no surprise that Harry Potter would get the treatment. Personally, nothing relaxes me quite as much as doodling, which might be why I did it so much in class. (Tell me I am not the only one who always colors in letters on any document I am handed.) I finally have an excuse for splurging on those giant crayon boxes that have colors which make the distinction between "Robin's Egg Blue" and "Maximum Blue Green". That's right, they are not the same color. Trust me, I've done all the proper research.

Now, I like to sit for hours and let my mind go. I usually do that in the shower, which has been scientifically proven to be the best place to think (both Archimedes and Moaning Myrtle will back me up on this). Unfortunately, due to California being in a state of water emergency, I have been cutting my showering time, and my mind wanderings have decreased significantly. No more! Now I can sit for hours and think about everything while my hands are furiously coloring every feather on the majestic Hedwig.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon and color to your heart's content. Below are some sample pages of what is inside.

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That snitch would make for hours of painstakingly selecting the proper shade of yellow.


R.I.P. lil' buddy.

Hermione And Friends

No word on what color I will be using for Hermione's hair.

Images: Amazon