"I'll Show You" Video Is Understated & Powerful

Justin Bieber has been working overtime promoting his upcoming, emotion-filled album, Purpose. The latest video to drop from the project is "I'll Show You," a stark and honest look at the dark side of fame. The lyrics are powerful on their own, but when coupled with the new music video, the song becomes even more powerful.

First of all, the visual is stunning. It might be the most well-done of all of Bieber's videos, purely based on the sweeping landscape shots and the way the singer's face is artfully obscured through the majority of the piece. However, on a closer look, behind the beauty of the incredible scenery is a strong message about isolation and the struggles Bieber endured in his career.

The "I'll Show You" video finds Bieber running, jumping, and hanging out in a variety of locations. From lush green hills to the side of a highway to a gorgeous waterfall, he appears to be completely alone. And, as we hear his voice plead "Don't forget that I'm human, don't forget that I'm real," he barely gives the camera so much as a glance. It's like so much of his life has been in the public eye that he doesn't even notice it anymore.

The tone of the song has a strong sense of loneliness, made only stronger by the direction of the video. This is what Bieber is like when he's alone, it tells us. He's just a normal person, even though so many different assumptions are projected onto him. This underscores the raw theme of Purpose. We're finally getting a heartfelt message from the singer and each song seems more personal than the last. Just look at the closing shots of "I'll Show You" — Bieber stripping down to cleanse himself — and the symbology is pretty darn clear. "I'll Show You" is a literal representation of the rebirth Bieber is experiencing with this new album. And, if the artistry behind the video is any indication of what we can expect from the rest of Purpose, fans are in for even more understated moments.

Image: Island Def Jam (screenshot)