Warby Parker Has A New Book Out

Get ready to add to your library — Warby Parker is branching into the literary world. After all, what better companion for your vintage frames than a relaxing read? Add a trusty cup of joe and then you're set for the perfect morning formula. The eyewear brand already made waves with its Nordstrom pop-up shop in August and is capturing the retail front by storm — a handful of Warby Parker locations have rolled out this year, with stores in Washington D.C., Seattle, and San Diego recently opening.

Warby Parker is on a winning streak and there's no sign of them slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the engine's just revving up — the company is expanding beyond eyewear and into the realm of books. Last week, Warby Parker unveiled its first hardcover book, 50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses (bonus: it comes in Kindle format too). This isn't a sappy romance novel or a mentally draining paperback, but rather, a light, humorous read based on the most simplistic subject of all: your trusty glasses.

The book is a collection of colorful ways one can, well — lose their glasses. From witty stories to traumatizing tales, no voice is left behind. According to Amazon, 50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses involves everything from mosh pits surreal alien encounters, so rest assured, if variety and comedy is what you want, than this book has it all covered. Apart from the entertaining anecdotes, 50 Ways also features art by Brooklyn-based illustrator John Lee. Visually pleasing and comical? Count me in!

Currently, reviews are dripping in positivity. According to Amazon, Karlie Kloss calls the book "the perfect gift for anyone who has ever loved — and lost — a pair of glasses," while Andy Spade, co-founder of Kate Spade, lauds it as a "simple, beautifully illustrated book that all of us who wear glasses can relate to."

The holidays are approaching, so why not start your shopping early and give the gift of cheeky, Warby Parker-approved humor this season?

50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses by Warby Parker, $10, Amazon

However, Warby Parker isn't the only fashion name hopping on the book bandwagon. Countless other companies have made the migration from off the runway and into the publishing industry.

1. "Love Style Life"

All the secrets to effortless French style at your beck and call — this is Love Style Life by French blogger and illustrator, Garance Doré. Read up on how to cultivate your own definition of chic with the help of Doré's stunning illustrations and photography. Bon chance!

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2. "All In Good Taste"

Don't be fooled by its wine-stained cover — Kate Spade's All In Good Taste is the ultimate bible for the modern-day hostess. Perfect a new recipe in the kitchen, study up on Instagram dinner etiquette (yes, that is indeed a thing), and master conversation topics all within the convenience of one book.

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3. "Refinery29: Style Stalking"

Street style enthusiasts, get ready to eat your heart out. Banish those wardrobe dilemmas forever with this handy guide that will teach how you to nail tomboy chic to mixing patterns.

"Refinery29: Style Stalking" by Piera Gelardi and Christene Barberich

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4. "Tory Burch: In Color"

The unique aspect of Tory Burch: In Color is not only its glimpse into the personal life of Tory Burch, but the fact that the book is organized by color. Chapters are so last year.

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Read, shop, repeat. You know the drill.

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