7 Cranberry Beauty Products To Try For Fall

Now that Halloween is out of the way, it's time to get all kinds of pumped for Thanksgiving. Cranberry is one of my favorite foodie beauty ingredients, and these cranberry beauty products are a super fun way to celebrate the season and smell like a fruity fall heaven. In fact, I won't even judge you one bit if you use all of them at once.

Bustle writers have already raved over the health benefits of cranberry juice, and I've found even more reasons to fall in love. According to Stylish Walks, cranberries are packed with vitamin C, "which is needed for the formation of hydroxyproline, hydroxylisine and amino acids that are required to produce collagen in the body. This helps in keeping the skin soft, firm and healthy." Heck yes. Additionally, cranberry juice has antiseptic properties that can even fight pimples naturally. And if this little fruit wasn't already enough of a superhero, StyleCraze shared each cranberry is packed with inflammation-reducing capabilities to soothe irritated skin.

What better way to give thanks for fall's epic harvest abundance than slathering cranberries all over your body? That's right, there isn't one people. Scroll below for the top cranberry beauty products!

1. Cranberry Seed Oil

(Cranberry Seed Oil, $8.99, Botanical Beauty)

This 100 percent cranberry seed oil is an excellent moisturizer for your face and hair, and also known to help treat Psoriasis and Eczema.

2. Whipped Bath Butter

(Whipped Bath Butter, $18.50, Essensu)

This cranberry orange bath butter and scrub is vegan and packed with cranberry butter and sweet orange essential oils.

3. Frosted Cranberry Hand Soap

(Cranberry Soap, $6.50, SoapGarden)

Can we just stop and appreciate how beautiful this handmade cranberry soap is? #Swoon

4. Natural Cranberry Lip Tint

(Natural Lip Tint, $5.95, WildRoseHerbs)

This luscious natural lip balm is full of nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, mango seed butter, cranberry seed oil, and lemongrass. Talk about a sweet kiss.

5. Sugared Cranberry Bath Bomb

(Bath Fizzie, $4.50, BubblesEtcetera)

Full of the crave-worthy scent of sugared cranberry, this vegan bath bomb is bound to make your soak extra sweet.

6. Cranberry & Cucumber Eye Gel

(Eye Gel, $14.95, WillowTreeMinerals)

With soothing aloe, cranberry seed oil, and chamomile extract, this cool and refreshing eye gel soothes puffy eyes fast.

7. Solid Body Lotion

(Solid Beauty Lotions, $8, EcoChicSoaps)

A sensational blend of tart cranberries, refreshing grapefruit, lime and orange, this soothing lotion will leave your skin soft and smelling like bliss.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands