How To Tie A Blanket Scarf

by Teresa Newsome

If some sort of global warming-induced blizzard had me trapped inside, in the cold, city version of a desert island, I'd really hope I was wearing and, more importantly, knew how to tie a blanket scarf (aka blarf) that day. Scarves are inherently versatile. They can be tied a million different ways, and they can be used for style as well as warmth. But the blarf blows other scarves out of the water when it comes to it's versatility.

You can drape a blarf like an afghan or shawl. You can wrap and pile it up around your neck. You can add a belt to make a chic (and extremely cozy) wrap. You can even curl up under your desk and use it as your snowy apocalypse nap blanket. Oh, and if you've ever been on an impromptu fall picnic and had nowhere to sit, blarf to the rescue. Basically, where there is a problem, the blarf can come to the rescue. All hail the blarf.

Tying a blarf isn't complicated, but there are some must-know, go-to techniques you'll need to master to get the most out of yours. Check out the video below to see a handful of the trendiest, most popular ways to tie your blarf. Of course, if you're using it to nap, no instructions needed.

Images: Bustle/YouTube