Kara Has A Connection To Fort Rozz On 'Supergirl'

You don't have to be a huge comic book fan to realize that Supergirl is out of this world. The new CBS series, which follows a brand new superhero — Superman's cousin, Kara — is bringing major nostalgia to those that grew up reading comic books, meanwhile introducing a new character and new story to fans who might not be familiar with the DC past. A lot happened in the first episode of Supergirl , including the introduction of Fort Rozz, the maximum-security prison that the evil aliens escaped from.

Supergirl isn't the first introduction of Fort Rozz. DC Comics has a history with Fort Rozz, and so does Kara's cousin, Kal-El (aka, Superman). The short of it, Fort Rozz isn't a place that you're going to find on Expedia and want to vacation. Like we learned in the pilot of Supergirl, Fort Rozz was a prison on the planet Krypton. It contained the worst criminals of the galaxy, who were able to escape the Phantom Zone when Kara escaped and crashed on Earth. Now, they seem to be emerging, planning something, which the DEO hopes to subdue.

All of the criminals that escaped Fort Rozz are going to cause issues for Kara and the DEO on Supergirl, so to prepare yourself, here's what you need to know before they attack.

Kara's Mom Was The Judge & Jailer Of Fort Rozz

Talk about a bone to pick. Not only is Kara a superhero, trying to stop the efforts of the Fort Rozz criminals, but her mother was the one that put them in Fort Rozz years and years ago.

Time Passed Normally In The Phantom Zone For Fort Rozz

In the New Earth DC Comic world, Fort Rozz was an anomaly in the Phantom Zone. Kara was able to sleep inside of the Phantom Zone (for two dozen years), but for Fort Rozz, time passed normally. During this time, some criminals grew into great power — later fighting Superman.

Kara's Pod Brought Fort Rozz To Earth

In probably the biggest "oopsie" of the Supergirl premiere, Director Henshaw informed Kara that she unknowingly dragged Fort Rozz out of the zone and onto Earth when she was dislodged from the Phantom Zone years ago.

Fort Rozz Is Run By Kara's Aunt

Kara's maternal aunt, The General, seems to be the one calling the shots for Fort Rozz criminals now. As a former inmate of Fort Rozz, she landed on Earth and vowed revenge on her sister Alura Zor-El (Kara's mother) by taking over the planet.

We'll learn more about Fort Rozz and the dangers that come with it throughout the season of Supergirl, but until then we'll need to study up on our Kryptonian knowledge of good and evil.

Images: Darren Michaels/CBS; Giphy (4)