Jennifer Lawrence's Annoying Trait Really Isn't

It may almost be time to say goodbye to Katniss Everdeen on the big screen, but if there's one thing that we know for sure, it's that we won't be bidding farewell to Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence any time soon. Lawrence has become everyone's most wished for celebrity BFF due to her candid, no-BS interviews, ability to laugh at herself when she trips on the red carpet, and most recently, willingness to discuss the sexism that sometimes holds her back from going for the things she want. Lawrence can seemingly do no wrong — unless you ask her Hunger Games co-star, of course. Real-life Peeta, Josh Hutcherson, spilled about the one thing that annoys him about pal JLaw, and, because it's JLaw, this quirk would barely be a blip on anyone's radar.

Hutcherson, who is close friends with Lawrence in addition to playing her onscreen love interest, revealed that to Entertainment Weekly's SiriusXM show that there is one thing that really bothers him about his co-star, and that's her leg. Apparently JLaw has a nervous habit of bouncing her leg up and down, which is slightly crazy because it's hard to imagine that this girl gets nervous at all. Here's what Hutcherson said of this habit:

She makes me really nervous because she bounces her leg, like this nervous jitter thing. It’s like, ‘Stop doing that!’

Hutcherson says that the leg bouncing gets so bad that one time when the two had adjoining trailers he thought that there was an "earthquake" happening, rather than just a movie star's nervous twitch coming back with full force:

Her leg bouncing made the whole trailer vibrate.

We feel for you Hutcherson, just, well... not that much. I mean, my God, you get to be best friends in real life with JLaw! I think most of us would deal with the occasional bouncing leg in order to get to hang out with her IRL.

So hush now, Hutcherson. You are blessed and in the presence of greatness.

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