Team 'Supergirl' Is Just What You Think & Also Not

Some of the best moments in Monday's episode of Supergirl had to do with friendship, or "bro-hanging" as Cat Grant is apparently hip enough to say. If you thought awesome superhero montages were gone from this show already, you were wrong. James, Winn, and Kara officially formed Team Supergirl on the CBS series. However, don't draw too many comparisons to Team Flash or Team Arrow. This series has its own tone, dynamic, and doubts that set it apart. Who else will join Team Supergirl, and how will it change when the world around them grows darker? James and Winn are already an odd couple, and not just because they're probably both in love with Kara, so I'm excited to see where this goes.

First of all, they're currently working out of a sunny apartment, rather than an underground lair with salmon ladders and room for brooding, or a laboratory with more secret lairs and hideaways than a cartoon rat in a hunk of Swiss cheese. Winslow calls them the "Superfriends," which is almost too adorable. Plus it's one of the more subtle feminist elements of this show that Kara has two boys on the ground giving her updates and warnings like Felicity Smoak or Caitlin Snow — not that there's anything less than about those characters. The show does a good job at taking a more modern superhero trope, particularly on television, and subverting it just a little bit.

While they have great "trio" chemistry, the team isn't perfect, either. I'm worried that Winn is going to have some jealousy issues, y'all. Too worried. Also, James expressed some doubts about working with this team in the first place. This second episode really explored some of the things we take for granted in the classic comic books — like how secret identities actually fool anyone, and the fact that sidekicks like Jimmy Olson only actually become famous because of who he knew, rather than his accomplishments. It's understandable that James would pause before getting involved in old habits, and it's awesome that the show allowed him a moment to do that.

Hopefully Kara will add more girls to this team — though with so many female characters on Supergirl, I almost feel silly wishing that. I said almost! There is always room for more, and Lucy Lane is joining the series next Monday, played by Jenna Dewan Tatum. I have a feeling that Alex might lend her DEO skills to the Super Friends before long, and even the mighty Cat Grant could become a kind of liaison. As the episode title reminded us, we are "Better Together," so this team is going to be more important than any of Kara's abilities going forward.

Image: Michael Yarish/CBS