Will There Be 'Best Time Ever' Season 2?

I never expected to love something in the "variety show" category as much as I love Best Time Ever , but I totally do. Maybe it's because it's impossible not to love Neil Patrick Harris, or maybe it's because I keep hoping that the show will bring me on as somebody Harris and a group of celebrities have been stalking for months behind my back, but I just can't get enough. There are few things funnier in this world than a solid hidden camera segment done right, you know? But now that Season 1 is coming to an end (yup, already), what's happening next? Will Best Time Ever get a Season 2?

Unfortunately, there's no news on whether or not the show has been renewed, although my fingers are definitely crossed that it will be. Ratings haven't been stellar, especially recently — last week's episode was the lowest performing show in its time slot — but it definitely has a fanbase. However, now that they've worked the kinks out of what's turned out to be a pretty complicated show to pull off, I think a Season 2 would be way more polished and even better than Season 1... and with more celeb guests, please!

Besides, the show hasn't really even been given a full chance yet. Even though NPH is one of the most universally liked celebrities ever, most people I know who love him haven't seen the show. Maybe it's because it's moved around time slots a lot, having aired on Tuesdays at both 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. ET, which gets confusing if you don't put the amount of effort into your TV watching like obsessive freaks like me tend to do. Or maybe people were put off by the label "variety show," which sounds incredibly outdated, even though it actually does work in 2015, as the show is beginning to prove.

Now that Best Time Ever is over for the season, though, it means NBC will probably make the call about renewing or not soon, and I'm genuinely hoping the call is good. After all, I can't handle seeing Neil Patrick Harris disappointed that his show didn't make the cut. He's far too adorable for that kind of emotional pain.

And also, I really want an episode in the future where Beyonce is the guest announcer, and hopefully, it will be the same episode that Harris brings me on to surprise me with a European vacation. What? Is that too far a reach?

Image: Virginia Sherwood/NBC