Kara's DEO Boss Might Be Hiding Something

If you anything about Superman, and by proxy Supergirl, it's that kryptonite is their weakness — so I was suspicious during the pilot as to why the DEO just happened to have some laying around to use on Kara Zor-El if they were the good guys. After Monday's episode, I'm really wondering about this secret organization and its leader. Can Hank Henshaw be trusted on Supergirl ? At the end of the episode, his eyes flashed red. Between family, foes, and her day job, this is the last thing that Kara needs.

In Monday's episode of the CBS series, Kara wasn't gelling too well with the DEO's training methods. They pushed her to extreme measures and still criticized her heroic efforts. "I think I know why my cousin prefers to work alone," she snapped. The episode focused on the learning curve required to take the raw talent and strength that a Kryptonian like Kara has, and turn it into the problem solving and fighting heroine Supergirl. The DEO was impressed when Kara was able to help identify the villain of the week as a Helgrimite, something she had once stayed up late Krypto-pediaing when she was a little girl. Still, they sidelined her — and Alex almost got killed in the process. Even before Hank got creepy, I wasn't the DEO's hugest fan.

Speaking of the other Danvers daughter, I have a feeling that Kara will never be able to fully leave the DEO unless her sister comes with her. The relationship between Alex and Kara in this episode was nicely set up as a parallel to Kara's Aunt Astra and mother Alura, who we also learned more about in the episode. How interesting is is that Astra is living her life by the House of El motto, when she has no affiliation to that house besides the fact that her sister, and apparent enemy, married into it. That's a very specific detail, but back to those shady red eyes!

Is this red-eyed fellow a Hank imposter? Does he also have heat vision like a Kryptonian, or is he secretly evil? In the Superman and Green Lantern comic books, Henry Henshaw is an evil cyborg and former astronaut who resembles Superman. That would explain what happened to his baby blues on Supergirl, but still not his agenda. That remains a mystery.

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS