Here's The Best Winter Nail Color For You

Picking the right nail shade can seem like a huge commitment, considering you'll be wearing that shade for up to two weeks and to everything from a job interview to brunch and girls' night out. There is definitely a science to selecting the ideal color, so read on to find out what's the best nail color for winter based on your skin tone.

Just like a lip or cheek product, choosing the wrong nail shade for your skin tone can make you look washed out. You definitely want a color that pops against your skin and compliments your natural pigments. Plus, if you find the right shade you can confidently spend your cash knowing it will look great in every season and for every occasion.

Although nude nails are huge for fall and winter, it is by far the trickiest shade to choose because everyone's version of true nude is different. You'll need to find out if you have pink, yellow, or neutral undertones and whether or not you have warm, cool, or neutral skin. Believe me, a little research goes a long way here. When in doubt, know that most people are warm toned and nearly everyone looks good in a neutral shade.

If you're looking for a shade that's a bit more exciting than nude, consider these nail polish colors for winter, based on your skin tone.

1. For Light Skin

Sheer and bright pinks, lavenders, navy, and blue-toned reds look fantastic on you. They compliment, rather than compete, with your likely cool-toned skin. You definitely want to stay away from cobalt, anything yellow-based or heavy with white pigment. The good news? You can wear just about any pink color you want and look great. When reaching for nudes, choose something with a pink undertone.

OPI's Do You Lilac It?, $9, Target

2. For Medium Skin

Whether you're bronzy or olive skinned, you can handle a bit more beige in your color selection. Orange reds, deep purples and amped up hues look great on you. Stay away from pastels, but know that sky blue looks fantastic. You can handle all the bold color, so go for it!

Essie's Bikini So Teeny, $9, Essie

3. For Dark Skin

Neons and fuchsias are your jam, so stay away from pastels and baby pinks. Gemstone shades look great, and so do deep reds.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Drunk In Love, $18, Deborah Lippmann