Regina Gives A Knockout Performance on 'The Voice'

"Wow, this girl can SING!" Those were the exact words running through my mind as Regina Love rocked out to "Midnight Train to Georgia" in The Voice Knockout Rounds. (Well that, and a few expletives because she's just THAT amazing.) Seriously, this woman is a star in the making. Thankfully, we'll get to see her star continue to shine on The Voice stage. Gwen Stefani rightfully chose to take Love into next week's Live Playoffs over Riley Biederer. If Love can continue to put on performances like she did tonight, there's no doubt she'll be in this competition for a while.

There's just something so different about Love that makes her so entertaining to watch. Unlike many of the artists on this show, she doesn't have to try very hard to put on a captivating performance. She oozes personality and demands attention as soon as she steps on the stage. While it sounds like that would be a common quality among all of The Voice contestants, it's not and that's exactly why Love deserves to be on the show. She has the makings of a true diva (in a good way!) and is ready for her turn in the spotlight.

While Love certainly has the potential to win, I'm afraid the voters won't agree. Love is in the older end of the contestant pool and isn't as relatable as her competition. Her voice is powerful and fun to listen to, but it doesn't easily fit into today's music scene. In order to continue on long into this competition, Love will have to prove herself to be a versatile artist. If she's able to balance her diva-licious performances with more subdued, emotional ballads, then it's quite possible she'll stay on top of the leaderboard. All I know is, I can't wait to see what she has in store.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC