Subway's National Sandwich Day Deal Is Too Good

Everybody get ready to party, because today is National Sandwich Day! And, if you love sandwiches even half as much as I do, you know how important this day is — especially since it's an awesome excuse to get a few freebies. Case in point? Subway's National Sandwich Day deal. I'm totally there.

Subway is honoring National Sandwich Day with a buy one, get one free promotion. Today, you can buy any sub with a 30-ounce drink, and get another sub of equal or lesser value absolutely free. The company is touting it as its "Buy One Give One" campaign, encouraging customers to purchase their own sub, and then share the extra sub with a friend.

I mean, I know that sharing is the nice thing to do. But, when it comes to sandwiches, I'll probably just keep the second sub for myself. No shame. I just know what I want.

I'll just say it — I love sandwiches. They're filling, easy to whip together, and there's an endless amount of variety. I mean, you can pretty much put anything between two slices of bread. So, when thinking about the perfect way to celebrate this occasion, I think a free sandwich seems like the only option. Luckily for all of us, that dream can become a reality!

Aside from the fact that I can score a free sandwich, I found myself wanting to know a little bit more about National Sandwich Day, and how the sandwich got its start. Turns out, it's a pretty interesting story!

It all started with a man named John Montagu, who was the fourth Earl of Sandwich, and the British first lord of admiralty during the American Revolution. For a 24-hour gambling event, he wanted to be able to eat a meal with one hand. So, he instructed his servants to give him his lunchmeat between two slices of toasted bread. And, just like that, the sandwich was born! Of course, John Montagu's birthday was Nov. 3, making it a fitting date for National Sandwich Day.

The average American eats 200 sandwiches a year. And, I think today's the perfect day to add two more to that count. So, head to Subway, grab your delicious sandwiches, forget about sharing, and celebrate this occasion the right way!

Images: Simon Robic/Flickr; Subway/Twitter; Giphy