Ahh! J.K. Rowling Confirmed A New Book!

Some days it seems that being a Harry Potter fan is the gift that keeps on giving. Today is one of those days: J.K. Rowling's new children's book is definitely coming. The author confirmed that she is working on a new book under her real name, not pseudonym Robert Galbraith, during an interview on the BBC's Radio 2 Book Club. I can barely type this is so exciting.

When host Simon Mayo asked the Harry Potter author what she was working on, Rowling responded:

I have an idea for a children's book. Actually I have written part of a children's book that I really love so I'm definitely going to finish that. And I have other ideas for other adult books.

So casual, J.K. Meanwhile every listener everywhere just collectively freaked out. Rowling added that she definitely plans to continue writing books under her real name, J.K. Rowling, once she finishes writing the screenplay for the movie adaptation of her novel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , written under yet another pseudonym, Newt Scamander.

"I’m not going to give you an absolute date because things are busy and I’ve been writing a screenplay as well," she said.

Rowling was on the radio show to discuss her latest Galbraith novel Career of Evil , released October 20 in the U.K. and coming Wednesday in the U.S. She also gave further details about the London Palace Theatre's presentation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child . But after her new children's book mic drop, I was too busy jumping up and down to pay much attention.