Does Drake Have A New Bae?

I am still a little shocked that Serena Williams is reportedly dating Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, because I was pretty convinced that she and Drake were a match made in heaven. There hasn't been any confirmation beyond an Us Weekly source who claimed that Williams and Ohanian were getting to know each other, but I immediately worried about the 29-year-old rapper. How was he coping? Well, turns out he might have already found new company in the form of na Instagram model named Ravie Loso. So, who exactly is Ravie Loso? And are she and Drake actually dating?

Oh, Drake, never change. He sure has a type and he doesn't stray far from it. On Oct. 12, TMZ was the first to report that Drake was out to dinner in Los Angeles with a new lady, who looked a lot like Williams, but was definitely not her. Instead, it was Loso, and even more recently, she and Drake were spotted at Kendall Jenner's 20th birthday party on Nov. 2.

Post-Williams crush, Drake seems to be getting on just fine, so let's figure out who the mysterious Ravie Loso is and if she's really got a thing going with the "Started From the Bottom" rapper.

She's From Texas

Drake likes to talk about Texas (specifically Houston) a lot in his lyrics, so this makes a good fit.

She Was In The "Hotline Bling" Video

Hmm... So they have definitely known each other for a minute...

She Really Likes Canada?

We know Drake reps hard for Toronto and Canada, and Loso uploaded a photo of the Canadian flag with no caption. Perhaps this is a secret shout out to him?

She's In School

Her Instagram bio says she is a "clinical psychiatry major" and it seems like she lives in Atlanta now.

She's A Drake Fan

She hasn't shied away from fangirling over Drake in the past.

She's Well Traveled

Her Instagram documents trips to various tropical locations and even Jerusalem, so she definitely takes time to get cultured.

It's too soon to tell whether Drake and Loso are an item, but she definitely seems to be keeping up with his fabulous lifestyle, while staying seemingly humble.

Images: ravie_loso/Instagram