Chad Might Be In #Cahoots With The Red Devil

The time has come to turn on one of our own. Chad Radwell (noun): "a character on FOX's Scream Queens. Dickie Dollar Scholars president. Awful and amazing, rolled into one Easter-colored, polo wearing human. Might be working with the Red Devil." Yes, I said it. Chad Radwell, of Scream Queens , might be the Red Devil, or at least working with the Red Devil. I didn't want to admit it, but the pickings are slim as to who the Red Devil is, and there are quite a few signs that Chad might have made a deal with the devil.

Chad is the true star of Scream Queens. He's hilarious and incredibly inappropriate, and I love him. It takes a lot for me to turn against him — I'm not against him, but just suspicious — but I can't be naive. If Chad isn't working with the Red Devil in some capacity, then he has a lot of suspicious qualities that are certainly doing a great job at being a red herring (which, I wouldn't put past Ryan Murphy).

So is Chad the Red Devil himself? Or is he just working with the Red Devil for some reason that is still TBA? Here's why we should all be suspicious of Chad Radwell.

He Deflects Attention

Chad has been pretty quick to point fingers at who the killer is. Maybe Chad is trying to hide the fact that he's working with the killer by blaming people like Chanel #3.

He Is BFFs With The Red Devil's (Probable) Accomplice

Boone and Chad are not only best friends, but also roommates and Dickie Dollar Scholars 4 Life. It's kind of hard to believe that Chad wasn't aware that Boone was in #cahoots with a killer.

He Sabotaged The Group

When Chad was rescuing Chanel at the window during the "Seven Minutes In Hell" episode, he took Chanel's phone — the only working phone in the house — and threw it out the window to the Red Devil. WHY WOULD AN INNOCENT PERSON EVER DO THAT?

He Challenged The Red Devil & Survived

Even though this Backstreet Boys homage was amazing, it is awfully suspicious that it was Chad's idea to challenge the Red Devil, and he walked away without a scratch.

He Basically Admitted To It

While in the cemetery with Hester, Chad said, "The only time I feel anything is when I'm thinking of chopping up a body." Excuse me, but who says that?

It Would Be A Great Twist

Would you really ever suspect a man who screams "Panty Raid" while wearing a newsboy cap to be working with a serial killer, or even be the serial killer? This could be one of the biggest surprises Ryan Murphy has ever thrown at viewers.

Chad Radwell. You're, like, really funny. But, Denise Hemphill has taught me well, and I'm officially suspicious.

Images: Skip Bolen/FOX;ScreamQueensFox, OhScreamQueens/Tumblr (4); Giphy