It's Not Easy Being Chad From 'Scream Queens'

You know him. You love him. You will go to the end of the Earth defending that he is not the Red Devil. I can only be talking about one Chad Radwell of Scream Queens . While there are many wonderfully dimensional characters on the new FOX show, no one is more dimensional, less apathetic than Chad, making him an instant favorite and number one on my "Do Not Kill" list for the Red Devil. But, Chad Radwell is a bit of a unicorn, because there are things in life that only Chad Radwell understands.

While some might see Chad's style as a little too abrasive and honest, like your one uncle who speaks his mind a little too freely at Thanksgiving, I find it refreshing. Unlike Grace, I don't find Chad's hats as offensive and noticeable, so that's another point in his favor. He seems too aloof from the world to be the Red Devil — although that would be an amazing twist of events if he did turn out to have an evil streak — yet another point.

There are certain things Chad Radwell understands about this thing called life that we can all learn from. Here are 15 things that only Chad Radwell understands.

1. How To Make An Appropriate Entrance

If you're not walking in like BSB in 1996, are you even making an entrance? No. You're not.

2. Respect A Fallen Friend

It might not be pretty, but have some respect.

3. Never Hide Your Affair With The Dean

While wearing a newsboy hat, something very few people can pull off.

4. You Can "Sort Of" Love Someone

Love ain't easy, Chanel. And Chad is a man of the people.

5. Everyone Has Their "Thing"

It's 2015. If we're not having these conversations, we're really just doing a disservice to future generations.

6. You Can Be Condescending But Still Likeable

Only Psych majors would understand that one, though.

7. The Rules Of Truth Or Dare Are Simple

What's so hard to understand about a game where the title is your only two options?

8. Boone Didn't Kill Himself

He's not right, but he's also not wrong...

9. Think Twice Before Committing To Something

And do so before climbing up a ladder, maybe?

10. Sometimes, It's Tough Being Desirable

It's a rough life for Chad.

11. Quote Attributions Don't Matter In Desperate Times

You know what, though, because he said it with confidence, I guarantee no one even noticed that there are about one million things wrong with "As our great 60th president, John Kennedy Jr., said, 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.'"

12. Brotherhood Is Forever

~ Dickie Dollar Scholars 4 LIFE ~

13. When Your BFF Is Scared, You Cuddle

And if you're a really good friend, you'll be the small spoon.

14. Love Can Be Expressed In Unique Ways

A true romantic.

15. Don't Let The Haters Ruin Your Nice Day

Especially don't let Chanel ruin your nice day.

Chad Radwell, you are a national icon, just like our 60th president John Kennedy Jr. Don't ever change.