6 'Scream Queens' Theories To Keep You Obsessing

by Caroline Gerdes

True to form for a Ryan Murphy joint, Scream Queens manages to be bizarre, unpredictable, creepy, and fun all at once. It’s no surprise that as the ever-twisting storyline unravels, characters conspire, and clues are revealed,fans are only becoming more obsessed with Scream Queens Red Devil theories. On a show where everyone is a little quirky and violently battling a serial killer, it often feels like everyone is a suspect. It is difficult for viewers to entirely trust any character, even those that are seemingly tame, making the theories more and more erratic. It feels like Murphy teases us with just enough new information each episode to make us even more obsessed, while still keeping the identities of the killers under wraps.

Scream Queens is halfway into Season 1, and while hints have been dropped, fans still have so many questions. Who is the bathtub baby? Who is the bathtub baby daddy? How is this connected to The Red Devil? Exactly how many killers are there? And, the list goes on and on. So, in an attempt to get some answers for the show’s many questions, here are six Scream Queens fan theories to keep you obsessing until all is revealed.

1. Gigi Is Sophia’s Sister

Reddit user HannerrNZ speculated that Gigi is the younger sister of Sophia — the woman who gave birth in the bathtub at a Kappa party and died during “Waterfalls.” This would explain her attachment to the baby and the revenge plot highlighted in the “Beware of Young Girls” trailer, above.

2. Chanel #5's Mother Is Involved

Reddit user andybent25 speculated that a 1995 sorority sister who looked a lot like Chanel #5 was actually her, and today she appears to be much younger than she is, and is posing as a new member. That's an interesting theory, but The Huffington Post took it in a different direction, predicting that the doppelganger was actually Chanel #5’s mom, tying her to that fateful night in a more realistic way.

3. Chanel Oberlin Is The Killer

I know, I know, big shock. But, I feel like a lot of us have been dismissing Kappa's leader because she is almost too obvious a choice. Even if she is the killer, her motives could still be a surprise.

4. Earl Is A Killer

There are a couple of Reddit theories that point to Earl Grey as the killer. Redditor iLIFTiFIT suspects Earl because of his interest in Zayday — The Red Devil did kidnap her, not kill her (which could be what Gigi is talking about in the teaser clip?). iLIFTiFIT also suspects that Earl is working with Boone and Pete, because of Pete’s penchant for stalking women. And, Reddit user PeopleEatingPeople also suspected Earl because of an attraction to Zayday, but adds the possibility that he is working with Eugene, the guy from Zayday’s political science class who got tased in the market after hearing what kind of food she was buying.

5. More Of The 1995 Sisters Are Alive Than We Think

Mandy said a Kappa involved in the bathtub incident killed herself and we are led to believe Sophia died after giving birth. However, there are a ton of theories online about at least one of these women surviving and seeking revenge for what happened that night being covered up. They would have a better motive than anyone.

6. Everyone Is The Killer

Redditor JacksonArbor posed that everyone is a killer because of copycat tendencies, explaining, “There isn't just one killer. It's everyone. They all think there's a serial killer on the loose so they use that as an excuse to go and kill someone while dressed as the serial killer.”

This isn’t a bad guess considering the idiosyncrasies of every character on Scream Queens. But then who was the original that everyone copied? And who killed who? It seems that for every answer we get, 10 more questions are raised in its place.

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