Chuck Bass Describes The 'Wicked City' Plot

There's a lot to like about ABC's Wicked City . But, the greatest thing about the show is obviously the return of Ed Westwick. Having grown up watching Gossip Girl, it's pretty much a dream come true to have Chuck Bass back on the silver screen. If you're at all hesitant to jump into a new series, let me tell you Wicked City is definitely worth the watch. But, if you don't believe me, allow Chuck Bass to describe the Wicked City plot to you — I'm sure he's much more convincing. He's Chuck Bass, after all.

The series Wicked City takes place in Los Angeles at the peak of crime on the Sunset Strip. The Hillside Stranglers are behind bars, we learn in the first episode, but that doesn't mean that all is safe in the City of Angels. In fact, there's quite a lot of evil around town, specifically in the form of Kent — Ed Westwick — who is running around Los Angeles, picking up women and killing them, but the cops are hot on his tail.

So, how would Chuck Bass describe Wicked City's plot? His dark and brooding character is the perfect person to walk us through this story.

Meet Kent: He Is Attractive, But Has A Dark Side

When I say dark, I mean very dark.

That's Because He's A Serial Killer

His M.O.? He takes women to a look-out point and stabs them to death.

He's Being Tracked By Two Cops Who Don't Get Along

Even though they have their differences, you know that Jack and Paco are going to make things work later on in the season.

Kent Meets Betty & You Prepare For Betty To Die

Betty, like Emily F., finds herself at the look-out cliff, two feet away from a knife.

But Kent Doesn't Kill Betty

Saved by the bell! After learning that Betty is a single mother — the father walked out on them — he decides not to kill her, because he grew up with a single parent, too. He knows abandonment.

Kent Definitely Has Feelings For Betty

I'm talking 'three words, eight letters" feelings.

Karen Is a Journalist Writing A Story On The Strip

She's the only one who would be able to put Kent's face to the crimes, since she was there the first night he killed Emily F.

Betty Bails On Kent's Date Night, But He Doesn't Give Up Hope

She eventually shows up and looks game to partake in whatever — and I mean whatever — Kent has planned. Also, Betty is definitely into some dark stuff. When she was working on the stitches in the hospital, it looked like she was definitely trying to inflict pain.

What else will Chuck, I mean Kent, get up to throughout the show? We'll have to stay tuned to find out. And, with a face like his, it won't be hard to do that at all.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy (8); makeitbooomerang/Tumblr