Lisa Kudrow Has A New, Amazing Gig

Amazing news for fans of the novel The Girl on the Train and the show Friends: Lisa Kudrow just signed on to star in The Girl On The Train film adaptation. The former Friends star joins an already star-studded cast (including Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux) signed onto the film that people are already calling "the new Gone Girl ." But, before we get ahead of ourselves with comparisons, let’s just take a minute to look at what this amazing film and cast have to offer. Because, with the news that Kudrow will be joining the cast, the number of connections to the show Friends is way higher than you’d think.

So, let’s break them down, shall we? First of all, Lisa Kudrow has signed on to play the character of Monica. In the film, Monica is a former co-worker of the main character’s ex-husband. That might be a few too many connections to make in your head, but just rest assured that the important detail here is the name. Kudrow is stepping into a role with the same name as her Friends friend and former co-star. Coincidence?

Yes, probably.

BUT. What if I told you that Emily Blunt is starring as a woman named Rachel? Would you be a little more convinced that the Friends connections are present and accounted for in this new film adaptation? Emily Blunt’s Rachel is a little bit different from the one we’re used to on Friends, sure: She’s a troubled alcoholic whose husband has left her for a mistress. When she becomes fascinated by what appears to be a perfect couple on a train, she also somehow becomes witness to a murder.

Now, granted, this isn’t a storyline that you would have seen play out on the must-see TV show, but does it remind anyone else of that episode where Ross follows the girl on the train all the way to Poughkeepsie? There’s no murder involved, but there is infatuation, and that is definitely enough to cause some serious havoc in both of these characters’ lives.

But perhaps the biggest connection is the fact that Justin Theroux is also starring in the film, as Rachel’s husband. Rachel! Who is played by Emily Blunt! But who, in Friends, is played by Jennifer Aniston! Who you know, unless you are living under a rock the size of Angelina Jolie’s diamond engagement ring, is married to Jennifer Aniston.

You guys. It’s kind of eerie, right?

OK, so maybe it’s not as big of a conspiracy as I would like to make it seem, but there are still enough links to get me even more excited for this movie than I already was. Yay for Kudrow's casting!

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