The Best Snow Boots To Wear On Campus This Winter

Although most of us haven't been fortunate enough yet to have our first snow (or unfortunate enough, depending on how you see it), November is the perfect time to find the snow boots that'll get you through the inevitable wintry days to come. If you deal with the snow by, well, not dealing with it, chances are you're not too concerned about your footwear sitch. But if you're in college, you know avoiding is just not an option. Here are the best snow boots to wear on campus.

Many college students know the snow struggle all too well: Most of the time, class waits for nothing and no one, and that includes snow. Plus, you've got to be able to walk all over campus in them and just hope for the best — warm toes, no blisters. Sadly, snow boots also have a reputation of being, um, kinda ugly.

As much as I love my sheepskin boots (no apologies, they are like wearing kittens wrapped around your feet), they're kind of terrible for actual snow: Most pairs don't have a ton of grip, as my bruised tailbone of 2013 can tell you. Not to mention, suede in wet conditions is usually a recipe for a water-stained disaster.

Have no fear though, academics and scholars. Here are nine pairs of comfy and cute snow boots to fit every style, even in a blizzard.

Short And Stylish

Sorel Out N About Leather Boot, $110, Amazon

The perfect boot to wear with jeans — you don't have to worry about fitting these shorties over your pants. If more than a few inches of snow is an impossible idea on your campus, these are the best booties to have in your closet.

Girly And Understated

Corso Como Treck Cold Weather Boots, $109, Macys

The shiny patent and bow laces combo on this pair of snow boots is perfect for anyone who isn't about to sacrifice their feminine style for the snow.

Cozy Plaid Touch

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Russel Faux-Fur Duck Booties, $84, Macys

The cute plaid detail makes these a fun option for winter and fall — they've got enough sturdiness for snow, but not so much that you feel like a fool in 'em before the first snow.

Colorful Laces

Noelle Winter Boots, $45, Target

The ice blue laces on this pair add a fun pop of color when your winter uniform consists of black yoga pants, black sweaters, and black puffy coats. Guilty, here.

Tomboy Cool

Timberland Waterville Bootie, $149, Amazon

Not ready to splurge on something you can only wear for one season? Timberlands have enough traction to keep you on your feet when winter weather hits, and you can wear 'em long after the snow disappears.

Hot Chocolate-Inspired

Roxy Chespeake Cold Weather Boots, $60, Macys

Seriously, don't these boots just make you want to curl up with a hot mug of cocoa? Then again, maybe that's not a good thing when you're trekking to class. At least your feet will be toasty.

Functional And Unique

Adidas Choleah Padded Primaloft Boot, $85, Amazon

Cool tennis shoe devotees, this one's for you. Funky, comfortable, and totally different than everyone else's winter footwear, this is the snow boot for people who hate snow boots.

The Go-With-Everything Boot

Hunter Original Short Quilted Lace-Up Boot, $215, Nordstrom

Jeans, leggings, or even those sweatpants that double as pajamas (hey, no judgement!) — these boots were made for walking, no matter what you're wearing.


Sorel Tivoli High Winter Boots, $105, Amazon

These bad boys do not mess around. Built for seriously snowy conditions, students from schools up north should take note.

Images: Courtesy of brands