Check Out These Insane 'Star Wars'-Inspired Shoes

Are you a Star Wars fan? Not just the I'll-see-it-when-the-new-movie-comes-out kind of fan — I'm talking 100 percent obsessed member of the fandom who lives and dies by her Princess Leia costume and attends every midnight premiere of the new movies. If you are, you're going to die over the Irregular Choice Star Wars shoe line, because it's completely insane.

The UK-based shoe company is all about quirky and fun designs that stay far away from the realm of boring and neutral. On its about page, the company explains founder Dan Sullivan wanted to create shoes that "stand out from the crowd," and this Star Wars-inspired line definitely accomplishes that goal.

The hype surrounding the new installment in the series, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, is already kind of insane. Brands like Irregular Choice are jumping on board the Star Wars train, including CoverGirl, which is launching a Star Wars makeup line.

Irregular Choice's line is jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon as well, but the shoes in the line are kind of structural masterpieces. They're quirky, colorful and will be perfect to wear to a showing of the new Star Wars movie. In fact, Star Wars superfan Whoopi Goldberg already has a pair.

Unfortunately, her shoes have already sold out, but if you hurry, you can get your hands on some of my favorite pairs from the collection.

Darth Vader, $170,

These Darth Vader flats are cute and pretty wearable, thanks to their neutral colors.

The Death Star, $425,

I think these insane heels, which have the heads of Darth Vader and a stormtrooper on them, are my favorite piece from the collection. They're so cool!

Yoda, $300,

Everyone needs a little Yoda-esque wisdom in their life, and these heels will remind you of the wise teacher's best lessons.

Chewbacca, $255,

Winter's coming, so you've got to stay warm. These furry Chewbacca boots are quirky and comfy.

Droids, $195,

Brogues are majorly in style right now, so if you're a fan of the Star Wars droids, these flat shoes are for you.

Millennium Falcon, $246,

These Millennium Falcon heels are the most subtle in the bunch, and they're perfect for someone who wants to be a little less visible with their fandom.

The Rebel Alliance, $231,

Not looking for subtle? These heels are for you. They're not quite as crazy as Goldberg's, but they're close.

If you've already bought your tickets to the Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, premiere, I suggest you order a pair of these shoes stat. They're selling out quickly, and superfans will regret not snatching up a pair.

Images: Courtesy of Brand