Do You Remember These '90s Movies?

In addition to giving the world some of the best pop songs ever (even if we kind of forgot about them for a bit), the '90s were a time of great movie blockbusters. The era gave us magnificent romances like Titanic, science fiction adventures like Jurassic Park, cult classics like Clueless, animated masterpieces like The Lion King and Toy Story, Oscar winners like Good Will Hunting, and dramas like American Beauty. However, there are some underrated movies from the '90s that deserve a second watch.

Whether they went straight to video (VHS, to be exact) or they just had a more low-key theatrical release, some of these films are total gems — but lacked the Oscar buzz of, say, Titanic. An absence of acclaim, however, does not make these films any less deserving a revisit. In fact, their understated nature makes them even more worthy of some extra love. Just in case these underrated movies slipped your mind — and it's understandable if they did — you can now rectify that wrong by catching up on all of these masterpieces. (You're welcome.) Check out 17 of the most underrated movies of the '90s below!

1. FernGully: The Last Rainforest

In the '90s, cartoons set in the woods with environmental endangerment themes were all the rage. Fern Gully was the leader of the pack.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

There's more than 10 reasons why this is the best movie of all time, but I'll give you one: Heath Ledger serenading Julia Stiles.

3. Heavyweights

Judd Apatow co-wrote and executive produced this cult classic kids movie.

4. A Little Princess

This was an intense children's movie, but it totally made me believe in magic.

5. Blank Check

If I was given a blank check, I probably would have put it into savings. This kid was way cooler.

6. Once Upon A Forest

Another animated movie that pitted woodland creatures against mankind.

7. Never Been Kissed

This movie speaks to all of us who secretly want to go back to high school for a second chance.

8. The Baby-Sitters Club

The only thing cooler than the BSC books was this movie.

9. It Takes Two

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen put a modern spin on The Prince and the Pauper and it was everything.

10. Wish Upon A Star

Vintage Katherine Heigl in what might be the most risque movie to ever hit the Disney Channel.

11. Tower Of Terror

Another Disney movie, this one was inspired by the Tower of Tower attraction and was actually pretty spooky.

12. Harriet The Spy

Nickelodeon's first motion picture made us all want to be kid spies running around New York.

13. Casper

Hilarious ghosts, the coolest mansion ever, and Devon Sawa. Need I say more?

14. Tom And Jerry: The Movie

Talking animal movies were also huge in the '90s, and Tom and Jerry were no exception.

15. That Thing You Do

Tom Hanks and catchy music? Sign me up.

16. Can't Hardly Wait

Another high school rom-com that perfectly captures the excitement of growing up.

17. Andre

Girl meets seal. Girl and seal become best friends. Everyone watching this movie wants a seal best friend.

Here's to the movies that didn't win Oscars, but live on in our hearts anyway.

Image: Touchstone Pictures