NPH Is Now (Kinda) A Backstreet Boy

I've been loving the show so far, so I'm pretty bummed that it's already time for the Best Time Ever season finale. Fortunately, though, this episode packs a serious guest star-related punch, especially for anybody who was alive in the '90s and was also as boy band obsessed as I am. On Tuesday night's episode, the Backstreet Boys were the musical guest invited for the Sing Along Live segment, and with a catch: Neil Patrick Harris became part of the band.

So how did this wonderful thing happen? You can thank Nick Carter, who was too busy with Dancing With The Stars to make the performance. So being that their group was missing a member, NPH gladly stepped in as a temporary fifth backstreet boy, and man, was it worth it. Not only did he fit in with the group perfectly, but it definitely seems like he missed his calling. If he hadn't been so busy all these years hosting every award show ever to exist and starring in hit television shows, he totally could have been in a boy band, and been damn good at it.

Of course, he was in his traditional suit and not in the all white ensembles the guys were wearing, but he fit in anyway.

And fortunately, the Backstreet Boys were prepared for the last minute switch up. They handed him a sparkly mic to match theirs (because of course they did) and together, they performed "I Want It That Way" while viewers at home had to sing along for prizes.

And since this is Best Time Ever, this was totally staged and choreographed, and Harris held his own when it came to the dance moves. Sorry, Nick Carter. I never thought I'd say this, but... there's a chance you're replaceable. Second best part of this segment: Kelsey Grammar, in the background, singing and dancing along. Not exactly what I ever expected to see from Frasier, but I'll take it.

I'd totally watch NPH on tour with BSB. Can we make this happen?

Images: Virginia Sherwood/NBC