19 Fun Scarves To Amp Up Your Accessory Game

Scarves are basically my lifeblood, but it's unique scarves that are my truest jam. I will often try to sneak them into my wardrobe in the spring and summer months or analyze every mildly cold day in the autumn and winter to ask myself whether it's chilly enough to get away with wearing one comfortably. I own at least 20 of these babies, but they're never cliche or boring. Personally, I make sure to get quirky scarves that'll allow me to stand out. Because who wants to fit in anyway?

Now that it's November, it's safe to say that most of us are finally in full-blown scarf weather. If you're just getting out all of your scarves for the upcoming chill season, I would advise you to take a good look and keep notes of what you're missing. Are most of your scarves in one color palate? How about one design? Would any of them look infinitely cuter with a subtle detail or pizza pie logo? Take a long, hard look and determine whether your scarf repertoire could use some quirking-up.

Here are 19 fun, interesting, and incredibly one-of-a-kind designs that will have everyone asking, "Where did you get that?"

1. On The Fringe

Madden Girl Fringed Open-Knit Infinity Scarf, $26,

I am a sucker for anything with fringe on it. This piece is practical in terms of warmth, but will also give you a unique look that will be a standout among the other boring knit scarves.

2. Polka Dot It

Polka Dot Print Infinity Scarf With Tassels, $14.99,

Bring some color to your winter whites with this fun polka-dotted scarf. Plus, don’t the tassels just give it an extra bit of flair?

3. The Raw Edge

Chic White Raw Edge Embellished Voile Neck Warmer, $6.24,

This scarf has a really neat raw edge that makes it look chicly worn-in. The thin back will also make it feel like more of a necklace on warmer autumnal days.

4.The Embellished Skinny Scarf

Sali Skinny Printed Tassel Scarf/Belt, $65,

How gorgeous is this thin scarf? It has clear beads on it creating that embellished look, along with tassels for a slightly bohemian vibe. This can be worn as a scarf or a belt and is also a great alternative to a necklace.

5. Faux Fur Frenzy

Wild Fox Faux Fur Shawl, $35,

A faux fur scarf is a really fun item to wear in the A/W seasons, since most faux fur items are either hats, vests, or jackets. If you love textural elements, this is a great way to add detail to any fall outfit.

6. The Brushed Look

Brushed Oversize Infinity Scarf, $16.90,

This looks like the coziest scarf in all the land. The brushed element will make the piece stand out amongst a sea of crochet and knit options.

7. More Cruelty Free Fur

Luxe Faux Fur Loop Scarf, $28,

This is another faux fur option, but this one comes in an infinity style, with an ombre-like gray and white fur design to boot.

8. Is It A Blanket? Or A Scarf?

ASOS Plain Oversized Square Scarf With Blanket Stitch $28.66,

This scarf looks like a blanket and is probably just as cozy as one, too. However, it's the fun stitching that takes this scarf from a standard piece of cloth to a quirky blanket doppelgänger.

9. Pizza Keeps Me Warm At Night

Wildfox Couture Italian Things Snood, $124.00,

You can now snuggle up with your one true love: Pizza. Need I say more?

10. Bubble Trouble

Bubble Infinity Scarf, $12.99,

I can’t get enough of this crinkle texture. It almost looks like a piece of art.

11. Cowgirl Chic

Olsonboy Fringe Triangle Scarf, $20,

The amount of fringe on this scarf is just awe-inspiring. To me, it looks like it would cost hundreds of dollars with the amount of detail it features, but it's really just a fraction of that cost.

12. The Fox Trot

Tail Me About It! Scarf in Fox, $19.99,

Who wouldn’t want to wear foxes around their neck?

13. The Glittery Yet Functional Scarf

Shimmered Pocket Scarf, $88,

This scarf is really practical, since you can use the sparkly pockets as actual pockets to store your phone, wallet, gum, or even a notebook. Heck, you can even use these guys as gloves!

14. The Delicate Beauty

Mary Frances Daring Lotus Scarf, $155,

There are few words to describe the ornate beauty of this scarf. The amount of beadwork is just breathtaking and will make anyone stop in their tracks when they spot you.

15. The Watercolor Masterpiece

Helen Dealtry X UO Watercolor Scarf, $59,

Any artist should gravitate towards this scarf, since it’s a literal work of art.

16. Birds Of A Feather...

"Quill Challis" Feather Print Wool Scarf, $58,

Some people like the look of feather prints without wearing actual feathers, which is also a great option for those of us who stick to cruelty-free fabrics. This feather-printed scarf is a perfect option to sport the look of feathers without actually donning bird fur.

17. Pretty In Paisley

Collection XIIX Paisley Wrap Scarf, $18.99,

The amount of color in this scarf is just gorgeous! You could likely wear it any time of the year thanks to its bright hues.

18. You're A Stud

Studded Infinity Scarf, $24.50,

This scarf is elegant and simple, but the studs add an extra detail that make it stand out amongst other infinity scarves.

19. Seeing Double

Textured Color Block Scarf, $10.99,

I am obsessed with this double-take scarf! The two-toned color and textures add a really unexpected element that make the piece very unique. It's perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit or like to play with layering textures.

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Images: Courtesy Brands