11 Unique Neckerchiefs That Will Inspire You To Try The Neckwear Trend Now

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Because I have already answered the "what is a neckerchief" question and explored how to wear one, it's time to address the many different options that are available in the market right now when it comes to neckerchiefs for summer. Because neckerchiefs are so versatile in and of themselves, it's not surprising that there are so many different types to choose from!

Neckerchiefs can vary by size, shape, length, width, color, pattern, print... you get the picture. But the trouble is finding one that will not only look great, but also stand out amongst the crowd.

So, whether you are totally intrigued by the neckerchief trend, or are on the fence about it, here are 11 unique and creative neckerchiefs you can easily work into your wardrobe. From beaded ones to star prints, to tie dye to polka dots, neckerchiefs are the perfect light scarf accessory for the summer season and beyond.

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