11 Unique Neckerchiefs That Will Inspire You To Try The Neckwear Trend Now

Because I have already answered the "what is a neckerchief" question and explored how to wear one, it's time to address the many different options that are available in the market right now when it comes to neckerchiefs for summer. Because neckerchiefs are so versatile in and of themselves, it's not surprising that there are so many different types to choose from!

Neckerchiefs can vary by size, shape, length, width, color, pattern, print... you get the picture. But the trouble is finding one that will not only look great, but also stand out amongst the crowd.

So, whether you are totally intrigued by the neckerchief trend, or are on the fence about it, here are 11 unique and creative neckerchiefs you can easily work into your wardrobe. From beaded ones to star prints, to tie dye to polka dots, neckerchiefs are the perfect light scarf accessory for the summer season and beyond.

Navy With Shimmer

What sounds better than a neckerchief that sparkles in the sun? The answer: nothing. This neckerchief, with shimmering fabric embedded throughout, can be the perfect, sparkling accessory to your summer wardrobe.

Cotton Neckerchief, $23, jcrew.com

Tie Dye

If this neckerchief reminds you of your childhood summer days when you would try and tie dye everything you owned, it’s definitely a keeper. Revisit the good ole days with a pretty throwback like this neckerchief.

AEO Tie Dyed Floral Bandana, $6, ae.com

Polka Dot

Long and thin, this neckerchief is very reminiscent of Mick Jagger at the height of his Rolling Stones career. So feel free to burst out singing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” while wearing this neckerchief. I won’t even blame you.

Pieces Spot Skinny Scarf, $15, asos.com


Paisley comes in all different prints and colors, but this light blue version seems like the perfect companion for a summer day outdoors.

Tania-Paisley Scarf Blue, $32, elizabetta.net

Classic Bandana

If you prefer not hopping on a trend bandwagon, but still want to try out the neckerchief, this option might just be for you. Because this neckerchief is in a traditional bandana print, and because it’s in black and white, it is guaranteed to bring a cool atmosphere to any ensemble.

Vanessa Mooney Harper Arrow-Fringe Bandana, $148, nastygal.com


The great thing about neckerchiefs is that you don’t necessarily have to wear them around your neck. This dark blue striped version would look just as good around your neck as it would tied to your bag or even in your hair.

Striped Neckerchief, $26, topshop.com


It’s hard to go wrong with floral, especially when it’s this pretty. So embrace the floral patterns of spring and summer, and pair this neckerchief with a basic white t-shirt or even a pair of fancy culottes.

Floral Print Scarf, $30, zara.com


Sometimes subtle is best, and that is exemplified in this scarf. Going all out with a trend can sometimes result in regret, but you’ll never regret this off-white scarf with blended in embroidery.

Sierra Embroidered Scarf, $70, bananarepublic.gap.com


Just in time for Independence Day. A printed scarf is always fun, and it’s even more relevant when it’s also celebratory. But this star print would look good any time of the year.

Star Scarf, $30, gap.com


And last but not least, a designer dud you know will last you a lifetime. In a classic print and in a classic color scheme, this neckerchief will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Polka Dot Scarf, $48, bloomingdales.com


Talk about embellished. This neckerchief is a necklace in and of itself, with beaded detail all on the front of the scarf. No need for any other accessories here, because this neckerchief takes front row.

Beaded Fringe Infinity Scarf, $13, forever21.com