Taylor Got A Tough Storyline On 'Finding Carter'

For the past few weeks, Finding Carter Season 2 has tackled pretty challenging storylines — but Tuesday night's episode may have tackled the most challenging so far. Sure, the implications of Carter revealing she was underage last week were tough for her and Jared, but on this week's episode, Taylor was drugged on Finding Carter during a college visit and Gabe managed to find and help her out of the situation before she was raped. Like all date-rape scenes on television, watching Taylor be put in this situation was difficult, but it was her reaction to the trauma that was really the most challenging.

When Gabe finally told Taylor what had happened at the campus party they'd been to — after, of course, he took another opportunity to tell her that he came to her rescue because he love her that much — her first reaction was to ask him not to tell Max. The episode spent a lot of time setting fans up with the idea that Max was worried about Taylor leaving him behind to go to college, but Max is one of the most genuine and sweet guys on this show and Taylor really had the wrong reason to not tell him what happened. Her biggest concern seemed to be that she'd "worry" him even more, which is really a very Taylor-thing to feel about it. But still, if anyone would understand, it'd be Max.

It's not difficult to understand where Taylor is coming from, considering the type of character she's been set up to be for the past two seasons. Taylor's always been a proud perfectionist — even when she went a little too far with her partying in Season 2A. And seeing her feel uncomfortable, ashamed, and worried about what other people might think was, unfortunately, a very authentic portrayal of how rape affects those involved.

Sure, we've seen Taylor diffuse and work through many adult issues over the past two seasons — between her parents' potential divorce and Max getting shot and going through his process of healing — but we've never seen her as vulnerable as she was on Tuesday night.

Image: MTV