Products For The Perfect Lipstick Look

People who don't regularly wear lipstick don't know what a skill it actually is. Making sure your lipstick lasts all day is an art in itself. You have to consciously not touch your mouth, drink coffee with a fish face, and constantly re-apply at incredibly awkward times (on the train, in the middle of a meeting, while looking in every store window you pass) all in the name of rocking a fabulous color. Although it certainly does take a lot of effort, a gorgeous lip look is a reward in itself. You look super fashionable and put together, even if you intentionally keep your lips slightly parted all day in order to avoid color fading. Being a makeup-wearer can be tough, but a great beauty look makes it all worth it.

Luckily, there are plenty of preventative measures you can take to make sure your red lipstick doesn't end up smeared halfway across your face a la The Joker. With a little bit of prep, and the right products in your makeup bag, you'll be able to pull off nearly any lip look without a beauty disaster on your hands. Take a look at these eight products that will change your lip game forever.

1. Argan Oil Treatment

We all know argan oil works wonders on your hair, making it feel silky smooth and hydrated. But the reason it's so effective is because it repairs and replenishes cells, which is exactly what you need to get soft, supple lips. Without any cracks or uneven skin, your lips will be the perfect palette for a bright lip color.

Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment, $11.75, Check It Out

2. Lip Plumper

If you want a fuller lip look, get a plump pout to make your lipstick look even more fab with a collagen-packed treatment.

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips, $24, Check It Out

3. The Perfect Scrub

Dead skin is the enemy of red lips. It looks like you took a cheese grater to your mouth and decided to cover it up with some lip gloss. Avoid look like a crazy clown with a lip exfoliant that will give you the smooth base you need.

Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant, $16, Check It Out

4. Your Go-To Lip Salve

You probably don't realize the daily damage your lips endure. From weather to pollution, it's no wonder our lips get chapped from time to time. Find a lip balm like Osmia Organics' Best Lip Balm that is packed with a variety of oils to basically deep condition your pout.

Osmia Organics Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair, $22, Check It Out

5. A Lip Mask

You do face masks a few times a week to detox your skin, so why not do the same for your mouth? Bite's Agave Lip Mask contains plenty of healing antioxidants that will take your lip prep to the next level.

Bite Agave Lip Mask in Champagne, $34.95, Check It Out

6. Prepping Primer

Think of lip primer as foundation for your lip color. It will prepare the area and maintain the color for much longer than usual. I personally find lip primer a must, especially if wearing a deep berry color or bright pink.

Too Faced Lip Insurance Anti-Feathering Lip Primer, $20, Check It Out

7. Reverse Lip Liner

It seems like 2015 is the year of overlining your lips. However, for the sake of achieving the perfect lipstick look, sometimes liner goes a long way. Using a liner that matches your skin tone surrounding the area of your mouth can prevent lip color from bleeding over your natural lip line. Don't forget to blend like crazy.

NYX Wonder Pencil, $4.50, Check It Out

8. Top Coat

Add a clear, matte top coat is less like adding lip gloss (sticky and usually a little sparkly or colorful) and more of adding a sealant to your favorite color. That way you can make sure the lip color you love lasts all day, without changing it!

Cargo Matte Top Coat, $22, Check It Out

Get ready, set, prep!

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