8 Lazy Girl Lipstick Hacks So You Can Have Fabulous Lips Without Any Of The Work

Lazy girls out there, listen up: You deserve beautiful lips all the time, without all the effort. We understand that maintaining a kissable kisser might seem like an intimidating process, but with simple lazy girl lipstick hacks, anything is possible. I mean, if we could round up some sexy manservants to come over and apply your lipstick, we would. But that might be breaking some laws, and we don't even know where you live. So short of you sipping a cocktail on a chaise lounge while a gorgeous makeup artist plays up your lips, we thought you deserved a few hacks to achieve the same look without all the fuss. We want you to know that having the perfect pout does not have to take a lot of work.

Even a girl who plays with makeup all day long can appreciate these lazy girl lipstick hacks. These lip makeup tips are all about speed, an excellent efficiency to glamour ratio, and ease of usability.

Because let's face it, some days we just do not feel like taking the time to take the time. We want to look freaking awesome five minutes ago. Maybe we are late for a job interview. Maybe we would much rather lay in bed and read Bustle articles than apply makeup. Whatever the case, these lazy girl lip makeup hacks promise to be easy, low-maintenance, and will make you look close to a million bucks.

1. Exfoliate You Lips

Every few days (no strict schedule, we're all relaxed here) pause after toothbrushing and switch to the special toothbrush you keep just for this purpose (not the one you save for unexpected "sleepover" guests). Slap a wee bit of moisturizing balm on your lips, and gently, oh so gently, circularly brush your lips like you would the cutest of Pygmy Marmosets. That's it! No drama, no special products required, no labor intensive activity. In under 30 seconds, you have the softest lips in the world, ready for any kind of lipstick hackery we might throw your way.

2. Opt For Tinted Lip Balms

Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm In Sunny Berry, $7, Amazon

Tinted lip balm is like the gateway drug of lipsticks. It's so smooth and easy, you won't even realize you're applying color. Before too long, you're hooked. Try an option that's both moisturizing and packs SPF. Even the laziest girl will have no excuse not to use it. Seriously. Swipe and go. No mirror needed.

3. Forgo Glosses

A glossy high shine always looks spectacular, but, it does break a cardinal lazy girl rule: constant reapplication. The best advice we can give is to steer clear unless you are willing to work harder to keep your lipstick on.

4. ...Unless It's A Lip Stain Gloss

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color In Baby Pink, $24, Sephora

Lip stain glosses are the "get out of jail free" product for lazy girls who are willing to put in a minuscule effort for some shine. If you have a 5% makeup motivation at the start of the day, bust one of these babies out. You'll get that luxurious glossy look without too much work. You do have to apply a base coat, allow it to dry, then a top coat, but the rewards are great and long-lasting.

5. Use Lip Stain Crayons

LipSurgence In Spirited, $12, Tarte Cosmetics

With a lip stain crayon, there's no need to stress about proper makeup application. Just pretend you're playing with art supplies. Big lip crayons glide on easy, won't give you clown face, and generally don't require a mirror to give you a polished look. It's like beauty cheating, with serious stain staying power so it will wear all night.

6. Try A Fail-Proof Lip Liner

Beauty Amplifier Universal Lip Liner, $10, Sephora

Of course you've avoided lip liners until now. Why draw on a product that takes extra time, requires perfect color matching, and demands a steady hand? That sounds like a lot of extra work for a lazy girl. But maybe you secretly covet the added impact and long-wear a lip liner provides. Celebrate! Waterproof, clear lip liners create a perfect, non-feathering lip contour, and keep your lipstick in line for days. Go on, kiss everybody in sight.

7. Brush Up On Your Lipstick Application Basics

Maybe you're lazy 'cause you just don't know how the hell to put lipstick on. Nothing to be ashamed of, Bustle's all about offering solutions to common lipstick mistakes. A nice and easy rule of thumb is to always start the lipstick application in the center of the lips and finishing on the outer edges. Slow and steady wins the race.

8. Eat & Drink Before Your Lip Color Goes On

We respect that you're not going to "touch up" your makeup throughout the night. Nothin' wrong with that, but if you want to make your lips look perfect all through the evening, just be strategic. Wait until after eating and drinking with the lady gang pre-party. After your belly is full, then apply your lip makeup thang. You'll arrive at your destination with the lips of an angel.

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