Donald Trump Feuds With Megyn Kelly Yet Again

by Alicia Lu

On Wednesday, after what seemed like a ceasefire, Donald Trump restarted his Twitter feud with Megyn Kelly by accusing her of being partial in her reporting. In the attack tweet, Trump says Kelly used a never-before-seen poll that he trailed in, but then stopped using it when his numbers rose. Immediately, Kelly shot back and called him out on what looks like a completely false accusation. Kelly tweeted a screenshot of the Nov. 2 program of her show, The Kelly File, showing that she did indeed use the poll again, which Trump now tops. Looks like Trump's just being his completely unfounded, petulant self again.

On Wednesday morning, Trump posted a tweet complaining that Kelly used the IBD/TIPP poll, which she had supposedly never used before, when his numbers were low and then stopped using it when he reclaimed the lead again. Not so fast, Kelly said. Instead of taking this latest attack laying down, Kelly shot back with proof that she has in fact used that poll as recently as Monday on The Kelly File. The screenshot shows the latest poll numbers, with Trump in the lead with 28 percent, followed by Carson in second with 23 percent. To suggest that Kelly is being partial in her reporting of Trump because of any residual tension between the two is an insult to her profession. "Facts matter," she asserted.

But this isn't even the only jab Trump has thrown in recent days. On Tuesday, Trump made an appearance on Fox News' The Sean Hannity Show to discuss the GOP candidates' recent dispute over debate format. As if he has a nervous tick that he just can't control, Trump took the opportunity to take a swipe at Kelly to her own network colleague:

They've asked me some very negative questions, including your Megyn. They've asked me very, very disgraceful questions, frankly.

These recent attacks are further proof that Trump's old habits die hard, even when it seemed like he had finally calmed down.


For a few weeks, it appeared as if Trump and Kelly had come to a truce. On Oct. 2, he even tweeted something positive about her, which was probably the most unsettling tweet of all for the Fox News host. He praised her for saying kind words about his wife, Melania, and even thanked her. But now, after just a month of peace, Trump has resparked what has been one of the most childish, brutish, and one-sided feuds in recent history.

In fact, Trump's relentless tweets about Kelly amount to nothing more than online harassment, and throughout it all, Kelly has consistently taken the high road. Sometimes she refuses to even dignify his misogynistic attacks with a response, but this time, her reply was absolutely warranted. Trump was blatantly wrong in his accusation, and anyone in Kelly's position would have also felt inclined to "ahem" him.