The Chris Brown Saga, Part Infinity

Writing about Chris Brown's a really big bummer, you guys. In case you haven't heard, Brown's been going through some... legal troubles, after (allegedly) punching a person in the face. Again. Now Brown's lawyer has rejected a plea deal, so we're guaranteed another chapter in this continuing, hella depressing saga.

Brown's currently facing a misdemeanor assault charge for that time a couple months back wherein he (allegedly) punched a guy in the face who was looking to get a picture with him. This was followed by public groaning and "of course"s and just general exhaustion, especially when Brown entered rehab only to subsequently attempt to throw a large rock through his mother's windshield.

Now, Brown's lawyers have said no to a plea deal to reduce his charge to simple assault, and TMZ is speculating that law enforcement officials have tracked down actual footage from the night of the assault and that Brown's lawyers don't want to make a move without seeing it.

Regardless of where this all goes next, we hope that at least some part of it actually results in Brown getting the help he needs. At this point, we're probably just as exhausted by all this as he is.

Image: Getty Images