16 Radish Recipes To Add A Kick To Your Plate

With the abundance of vegetables in season during autumn, it can be hard to fully appreciate every veggie for all its versatility and deliciousness. Consider the radish: while this vegetable is surely a great seasonal pick, we simply just don’t take advantage of all the amazing ways to use radishes that are out there. And it’s time to change that.

From pickling them to putting them on toast, the number of things you can do with this bitter vegetable are seemingly countless — so you shouldn’t pass up the chance to eat them when you can get them at your local farmers’ market. While radishes are great year-round, there’s nothing like enjoying produce when it comes straight from the farm and to your table. Seasonal vegetables are one of the many reasons why we love fall so much, after all.

If you’re just saving radishes for a last-minute salad topping, start to think a bit more creatively. These root vegetables pair well with potatoes for a hearty side dish, and they even add a delightful kick to a batch of risotto. Whatever your taste may be, these 16 recipes will change the way that you view radishes — and hey, you might start putting them on your grocery list more often.

1. Braised Radishes With Shallots And Bacon

A piping hot plate of braised radishes may just be the side dish of your dreams. And The Kitchn makes it better with some smoky bacon.

2. Homemade Radish Pickles

Skip the cucumber, and try pickling something different. A Beautiful Mess shows how easy it is to make this veggie a briny treat.

3. Radish Truffle Butter

Don't let the Nicki Minaj song turn you off from Savory Sweet Life's savory, colorful butter. It's bound to give a kick to your mornings.

4. Risotto With Radishes, Kale, And Lemon

Who says radishes can't be used in comfort food? Five and Spice uses them to give this cozy risotto some oomph.

5. Roasted Garlic Scapes And Radishes

Garlic and radishes pair together to make an aromatic side dish. The Crepes of Wrath knows how to make vegetables truly shine.

6. Sweet Corn Salad With Radishes, Jalapeño, And Lime

With sour lime and spicy jalapeño, Mel's Kitchen Cafe's corn salad is the perfect side dish for your taco night.

7. Vietnamese Banh Mi Salad

This Vietnamese favorite may be most frequently enjoyed in sandwich form, but A Spicy Perspective shows that it's just as good when made veggie-centric.

8. Radish Salsa With Scallions

Skip the tomatoes and try something new. Naturally Ella's radish salsa pairs perfectly with chips, burritos, and more.

9. Fresh Arugula And Black Bean Tacos With Pickled Radish And Feta

Pickled radishes add a tangy bite to Cookie and Kate's vegetarian tacos.

10. Roasted Radish And Ricotta Omelet

Radishes also have a place on your breakfast plate, as the The Kitchn proves with this decadent omelet.

11. Tuna Pasta Salad With Spinach And Radishes

Spinach and radishes ensure that you get your veggie fix while enjoying classic tuna salad. Thanks, Joy the Baker!

12. Toast With Radishes And Dandelion Greens

Hors d'oeuvres never looked so good. Love and Lemons knows that carbs and greens are a winning combo.

13. Radish Salad With Parmesan And Lemon

Balance out the bitterness of radishes in a salad with plenty of lemon, and of course, cheese — demonstrated here by The Crepes of Wrath.

14. Roasted Root Vegetables With Miso Glaze

A Spicy Perspective's plate full of roasted carrots and radishes makes a healthy fall dinner.

15. Roasted Potato And Radish Salad

Your potato salad will never taste bland again with the help of Five and Spice's radish-accented recipe.

16. Buttered Radish And Ricotta Toast

Radishes and toast: They're a match made in heaven that you never thought to try. Thanks for the tip, Naturally Ella.

For more fall food ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: The Crepes of Wrath (3); The Kitchn (2); A Beautiful Mess; Savory Sweet Life; Five and Spice (2); Mel’s Kitchen Cafe (2); A Spicy Perspective (2); Naturally Ella (2); Cookie and Kate; Joy the Baker; Love and Lemons