5 Great Donald Trump 'Celebrity Apprentice' Clips

Before Donald Trump was a 2016 presidential hopeful gunning for the Republican nomination, he was famous for using the phrase "You're fired" on NBC's The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. However you feel about Trump's political views, it's hard to deny he's one of the most entertaining figures in the 2016 race, even if it's not always for the right reasons. (Trump's comments about fellow GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina — "Look at that face" — quickly became a punchline, but not in the way he intended it to be.) But amid a series of Republican debates, Trump is taking some time off to show his lighter side. This Saturday, he will host Saturday Night Live. To prepare you for what's sure to be an evening to remember, here are a few clips from The Celebrity Apprentice that showcase Trump's sense of humor, even when he wasn't trying to be humorous.

While Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the new host of The Celebrity Apprentice, Trump's memory lives on. The real estate mogul has fired plenty of celebrities during his time as host. And as hotheaded as he's been on the campaign trail, Trump has remained surprisingly calm during an incredible number of bizarre situations — which only makes his remarks that much funnier. Here are some of Trump's best lines from The Celebrity Apprentice.

1. "I'm doing that for your charity, and ... you're fired."

If there's anyone who can put a $25,000 charity donation and a firing into the same sentence, it's Donald Trump. During a disagreement between Kate Gosselin and Keshia Knight Pulliam, Trump offered to give Pulliam $25,000 toward her charity work — just seconds before firing her from the show.

2. "Nobody out-thinks me."

Just before firing Kevin Jonas — yes, that Kevin Jonas — Trump accused him of trying to "out-think" him while he was a project manager on the show. "He tried to out-think me, and nobody outthinks me," Trump said. Ouch.

3. When Trump told Dennis Rodman, "I want your barber."

Rodman casually strolled into The Celebrity Apprentice with a blonde faux-hawk, and Trump couldn't resist commenting on it. "I want your barber," he said to Rodman. And when the audience started cheering, Trump brought them into the fun, saying, "He looks good, doesn't he, folks?" He also said that Rodman's statements about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un — whom Rodman considers a friend — were "a good thing."

4. "You are a winner, you're great ... you're fired."

Trump is never one to mince words, but you have to admire his dedication to giving celebrities fired from the apprentice (at least two-thirds of) the "compliment sandwich." Trump often used this technique, praising someone's performance on the show just before cutting them loose. In this case, Trump was speaking to Bret Michaels, a previous winner who had returned to All-Star Celebrity Apprentice but was fired in the first episode.

5. When Trump asked the Celebrity Apprentice contestants for advice about his hair

Trump's hair is the subject of much discussion (and the subject of many memes), but during one episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, he tried to prove he was in on the joke. Addressing the contestants, Trump pointed at his son Donald Trump, Jr. and asked, "Do you think that I should comb my hair like him?" At the time, Trump Jr. was sporting the slicked-back look. Trump then went into detail about his hair, explaining why it isn't actually a combover, and the contestants agreed he should keep his hair the way it is. Still, Trump knew even then that it was his most defining feature — he said that "every time they write about me, they talk about my hair, and usually not as a compliment." And even though the clip took a jocular tone, Trump actually pointed out a real problem with the media's coverage of public figures, and it's one that still affects him this election season.

Transitioning from The Apprentice to running for president may seem like an odd move, but as The New York Times' James Poniewozik points out, the show's boardroom may have actually been a good place to prepare for a political campaign. Politics and reality TV are, in some ways, similar. Both require a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself. Let's hope that Trump's SNL appearance includes plenty of that, and not just digs at his fellow 2016 contenders.