I Need Carrie Underwood's 'Cosmo' Dress Right Now

by Sienna Fantozzi

We might be reaching peak fall, but Carrie Underwood covered Cosmopolitan in a floral mini dress, according to Perez Hilton, and it's going to make you seriously depressed that we have eight more months until summer. But the holidays are just around the corner! The bright side, ladies and gents.

The CMA Awards host is on the cover of Cosmo's December issue, and even though she's always been stunning, this has to be the best she's literally ever looked. The "Smoke Break" singer rocked a floral embellished, sparkly mini dress with a seriously plunging neckline (Spoiler: there is a lot of skin on this cover), and it's basically already on the top of my shopping list for next summer. Yeah — it's THAT cute.

To compliment the summery dress, Underwood's makeup is fresh and glowing, and her blonde hair is side parted in undone waves. Though it is a slightly uncharacteristic winter cover, it's so fantastic, it doesn't really freaking matter. The 32-year-old new mom always gives me dress envy, and this one didn't let me down at all. Now I'm extra excited to see what she wears tonight when she co-hosts the CMA Awards on Wednesday night.

She's basically a goddess.

This isn't the first time Carrie Underwood has brought her A-game to a magazine cover. Here are seven more stunning cover shots from the country singer.

ELLE Canada

Clearly, she likes her sparkly clothing.


You can't even see what she's wearing — this gorgeous cover is all about her natural beauty.


If this doesn't spell "rockstar," I don't know what does.


Earring game strong.

Marie Claire

I know it's cliche, but she was so pretty in pink on this cover.

Women's Health

NBD just showing off her bangin' body. Also, sparkly shorts.


Honestly, she's so gorgeous, I think she might look the best in a simple tank and jeans.

Images: Shape; Women's Health; Marie Claire; Elle; Billboard; Cosmopolitan; Allure