Don't Say This To A Winged Eyeliner Fanatic

The first time I learned how to apply winged eyeliner, I became a new person. Sounds a little dramatic, but I'm being earnest and quite serious in every possible way. I was a junior in college and my roommate had actually introduced me to the trend. At first, I was a little intimidated (I'm not even going to go into the emotions I had while trying to put on my winged eyeliner for the first time), but all in all, it became a rewarding experience, and a confidence booster at that.

From the moment I could consistently put on winged eyeliner with ease, I became the biggest enthusiast and everyone knows it. Sorry that I'm not sorry. It was no easy feat trying to figure out the one secret to getting perfect eyeliner every single time, so I'm going to flaunt my skill every day if I can.

But with the great responsibility of keeping my eyeliner on fleek at all times, and collectively being accepted into a community of expert winged eyeliners, come a lot of comments I get that are totally and completely unacceptable. At first I would easily brush it off and not care, but now, I'm just going to flat out say what winged eyeliner wearers are tired of hearing every damn day.

Haters should realize that it is a work of art to get your eyeliner perfectly winged, thank you very much. As a result, it should be well-appreciated, not criticized.

Let's start with my all-time favorite:

Why Do You Waste So Much Time On Your Eyeliner?

First of all, it's not a waste, and secondly, I'm not going to waste my time trying to give you an answer. Because you won't understand. It's clearly not a waste of time if I'm investing in my self-expression.

Doesn't That Bother Your Eyes?

Um no, it doesn't. Eyeliner painted on top of my eyelid does not bother me at all whatsoever. Your question bothers me 10 times more.

Are You Trying To Be Like From The '60s Or Something?

Although I do,in fact, really love the '60s, I'm not trying to be from the '60s. I'm just inspired by their fashion. On top of that, winged eyeliner is still extremely relevant, so please stop.

Why Are You Copying Audrey Hepburn?

Although I may be flattered that you think I'm even somewhat reminiscent of Ms. Hepburn, I'm quite agitated at the fact that you think I'm "copying" her. Again, there is a big difference between being inspired and straight out trying to be someone else.

It Doesn't Really Fit Your Face.

I mean, I think I'm the only one who can determine what works well on my face and what doesn't. It's called makeup for a reason, and I'm making up my mind to wear this winged eyeliner because I want to. Not for your approval. OK, cool, thanks.

It Doesn't Even Look Natural.

This comment utterly confuses me at most. Similar to dying my hair, of course winged eyeliner is not supposed to be natural. I'm adding emphasis, oomph, and gusto to my look. It's my style and aesthetic, so just deal with it.

You're Wasting Your Eyeliner.

And you're wasting your energy trying to convince me that I'm using my eyeliner the wrong way. My liquid eyeliner is mine. I could write and draw flower tattoos on my face with it if I wanted to.

Why Do You Take Your Wings So Seriously?

Call me melodramatic, but if you only knew how long it took me to perfect the way I put on winged eyeliner, you would understand. Every time someone passes by with winged eyeliner on point, you know their game is strong due to persistence and dedication. It's called RESPECT.

They Don't Look Even. They're Way Too Long.

Honestly, your conversation with me has gone way too long if you're analyzing the length of my wings. If you're just going to judge, I'm pretty much done.

Lesson is, folks, just don't question or criticize the wing, just embrace it in any way, shape or form.

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