Will Rachel Maddow Host The Second Dem Debate?

by Claire Elizabeth Felter

Though viewers would surely love to see the range of Rachel Maddow eyebrow raises just as much as they loved Anderson Cooper's spunky follow-ups during the first debate for Democratic candidates, Maddow will not be hosting the second Dem debate. It's true: it seems it wasn't in the cards for American audiences to enjoy watching not just one, but two feisty females with cropped 'dos on Nov. 14.

But American audiences still got their opportunity for some Maddow straight talk, since the MSNBC show host held her own pre-debate forum on Nov. 6, the Friday prior to the real deal. Maddow and the three remaining Dem candidates (that's Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley) got together at Winthrop University in South Carolina to discuss broader national issues like the economy and more specific topics like the Democratic Party's presence in the Southern states. Because the event was a forum and not a debate, Maddow held separate and more intimate conversations with each of the candidates.

And that was all we'll get of Maddow with the candidates — at least, for now. CBS announced on Nov. 4 that the second debate would be moderated primarily by John Dickerson, CBS News political director and Face The Nation anchor. Hillary won't be the lone woman talking, though: CBS congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes and Des Moines Register political columnist Kathie Obradovich will join Dickerson. Kevin Cooney, anchor for CBS affiliate KCCI-TV Des Moines, will also be a member of the moderating team.

Ron Hoskins/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Plenty of Twitter users — mostly non-fans of the MSNBC television host — seemed to be under the impression that Maddow had actually been given the debate moderator gig.

But it's not their fault. After all, Maddow is a star and she definitely deserves the moderator's seat. Seeing as how that's not going to happen this time around, what else could we have expected from Maddow other than to throw her own pre-game before the party and leave us all thinking her shindig was actually the main event?